frank falbo
Jun 4, 2005
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Jun 29, 1974 (Age: 47)
Ventura, CA

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frank falbo Regular, 47, from Ventura, CA

    1. Kyle Jordan
      Kyle Jordan
      Hi Frank,

      Just dropping a line to request 7 and 8 string versions of the Fluence Classic pickups. Or maybe a new fangled 3 voiced version of the Classic humbucker for 7s and 8s.
    2. Schaug
      Hey Frank, Dimarzio question:
      I have a D sonic 7 pup with its fiber(plastic) base plate which is broken on one 'wing' where the mounting screw goes. I made a replacement out of hard plastic but I'm afraid to take off the old one? It has only 4 screws to hold the baseplate. How should I do this? Do I need copper foil or something? Thanks man! Neven

      It looks like this:
    3. AngstRiddenDreams
      How much would it run me to get a slightly lower gain Blackout AHB-1 for a 6 string?
    4. nojyeloot
      Thanks for all your help in the BMP-1 thread. I'm sure I speak for all of us in there by saying thanks for your info/help.
    5. ekarter
      Hi Frank,
      I know that you a huge fan of Bartolini pups. I am looking for a versatile rock combo. For example, like in Nuno Bettencourt Washburn N4 (Bill Lawrence L-500L bridge + SD '59 neck) What do you say about PBF-77D/PBF-51 or PBF-77D/PBF-55 sets in alder body/maple neck superstrat? What SD pups similar to these Bartolinis?
    6. Empryrean
      Hello, I have been told you may know where I can find seymour duncan JB 7's for the neck position. Please do tell sir. =)
    7. casketshrine
      Saw your video for Twin Tube Mayhem and I order one right after watching it :)
      Awesome gadget. I love it. Been using it at jams and shows. Never fails!
      Also love my Blackouts & JB/59 combo. Any recommendations for Duncans in Basswood?
    8. I_infect
      Is it true? Blackout 8s in production?
    9. Stealthdjentstic
      Just wanted to drop by to say how great it is of you for taking time to post here and address any concerns :metal:
    10. ZXIIIT
      Great meeting you at NAMM!
    11. I_infect
      Ahhh there IS hope!!!
    12. I_infect
    13. JerkyChid
      Any hope for P-Rails 7s Mr. Falbo?
    14. frank falbo
      frank falbo
      The Blackouts are pretty well balanced. So far we're recommending them in any wood, and they'll let the wood tone come through. Being that they're an active pickup, and we can bend and shape the tonality, there aren't any harsh frequencies in the Blackouts that would be compounded by an overly bright or overly dark guitar. If you find the bridge Blackout to be too bright (but I don't think you will) then the common practice is to simply switch the bridge and neck pickups around. The neck pickup in the bridge is warmer and sweeter, and then the bridge pickup in the neck is a little clearer. But, I will say that there are people who switch the EMG 81 and 85 around, using the 85 in the bridge and 81 in the neck who when they tried the Blackouts left them standard. So definitely put them in standard first.
    15. NikolaAR

      I am newbie on, and i have one question for you, since i noticed that you know the matter! :D

      I am about to put SD Blackouts in my Washburn WG587 that is made of alder. I wander what do you think what sound they will have in alder, is there a possibility to be too bright or something?

      Do you have any advice?

      Thank you!
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    Jun 29, 1974 (Age: 47)
    Ventura, CA
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    Too much to list
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    Frank Falbo
    Sevenstring Guitars:
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    Too many to list.
    Preamps: Mesa Quad, H&K Attax, ADA MP-1 to name a few, too many to list.
    Effects & Pedals:
    One or two billion.
    Guitar making
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