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Jun 2, 2014
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Apr 24, 1990 (Age: 30)
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West Chester, PA
Store Clerk, Student

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Zero Imperfections, 30, from West Chester, PA

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Jun 2, 2014
    1. swieg
      Hey FoxZero, I found out for sure that the older 2x15 cabs are definitely 4 ohms and the newer cabs with the better speakers are 8 ohms. That being the case I wouldn't be interested in your 4 ohm 2x15 cab. Thank you for offering to me, I really appreciate it! I hope you sell yours quick!
    2. Groff
      I recently sent it off to be put into one of his custom cases. It's gonna say "prototype" on the bottom, or #0, I can't remember which...
    3. Groff
      I don't hate the PS3, I just can't justify it yet.
    4. Groff
      I don't have a PS3, and I can't justify buying it for ONE game.

      And yes, that's the Bloody Murder Prototype pedal. :D
    5. Groff
      MGS2 was alright, it gave a unique perspective, but MGS3... Man that was probably the second best game I ever played! (Nothing beats Super Metroid! :flex:)
    6. Groff
      Everytime I see your name I think of FoxHound.
    7. Edroz
      21+ unfortunately :noway:
    8. Kotex
      I just read the store and got a guide (just for the hell of it) that has everything about the game. I also got a printable map for it too. I added you on aim homeslice. I'm diggin' the game.
    9. Kotex
      Oh wow. That game is complicated.ha
      I'm digging it. How far have you gotten?
    10. Kotex

      I was bummed out when that happened, considering she was my favorite character.Fuck evil Nei :lol: I'll go check that shit out now. Another game I can think of like that (or more, series) is the Elder Scroll series. Especially, Morrowind. Awesome, awesome games.

      EDIT: I actually have that game (along with every NES,SNES,Genesis) game ever released. :lol: I'm gonna' go try it out now.
    11. Kotex
      haha. Yeah, you gotta' break out the graph paper man. Seriously, it helps A LOT. I also think (spoiler) that when Nei dies it paved the way for that kind of thing *cough* FFVII*cough*. Everyone freaked out when that happened. I was like "This happened back in '89 ". :lol:
    12. Kotex

      Well, I don't have any of them in their original form, but I have them all in one way or another. I'm actually at the end of PS2. I was used to Phantasy Star Online, so I was down to build levels like no tomorrow and thats really the secret to that game. That and being ready to draw some fucking maps :lol:

      Actually, for the time ('89) the graphics weren't bad at all. I actually remember playing around '89 '90 and they were pretty awesome.:lol: PS2 actually has my favorite music out of all of them though. I even learned the intro song on guitar.:lol:
    13. Kotex
      Sweet. I saw a mint PS2 copy on the bay along with a bunch of others. I would love to collect some but I'm broke as hell.

      Damn! Why does everybody dislike PS3?ha. I actually like PS3 quite a bit. I thought the generation idea and story were cool. I don't like how theres little to no animation during the battle sequences though.
    14. Kotex
      heh. Hell yeah it is man. I love that game. I love all of the Phantasy Star games. I'm playing 4 currently.
    15. Desecrated
      Hi son, I'm growing potatoes.
    16. arnoroth661
      You know, I think about that question everyday... You see, whenever my F-50 is at a healthy volume that allows the poweramp to open up, I have earplugs in. This naturally cuts away some of the frequencies that I would need to hear to have a good opinion on it... But from what I can hear it sounds DAMN good. That opinion may actually be a little over the top, seeing that it's my first tube and first high quality amp.

      I love the way the amp is set up in it's three channel configuration, and I've made a lot of use of all three of the channels in my music. In particular, changing inbetween the gain channel and the "contour"ed channel creates a great contrast in gain and volume. The contour channel itself is definitely what it's reputed to be... a Dual Rectifier clone.

      I really like the built in reverb of my F-50 as well... although sometimes it can come off harsh. In that case I just turn the treble down :lol:

      For settings(this is what I used at my last show), I generally have this on clean:
      Gain: 9o'clock, treble: 2o'clock, middle: 10o'clock, bass 2o'clock, and master volume to max :lol:

      And this for my gain channel:
      Gain: 3o'clock, treble: 11o'clock, middle: 3o'clock, bass 10o'clock, and master volume at about 10o'clock.

      Sorry for the long post in your visitor messages. :lol:
    17. Desecrated
      Hello everybody!
    18. Groff
      I just don't like digital at all. The only reason I have my Line 6 TonePort is because it's convenient and easy to use. Plus I can jam silently in my bedroom with headphones.

      Tubes all the way for me. :D
    19. Groff
      I love my BOSS NS-2. I would rather have an ISP Decimator, but in the interest of saving money, the NS-2 was cheaper by far. I had a DD-3, but sold it as I never really used a delay. I'd love to have a chorus ensemble, but they cost way too damn much. BOSS and Roland stuff is expensive as hell, and trust me when I say the stuff is hardly marked up. Some of the more expensive pedals are only marked up $10 - 15 over cost!

      When I worked at Guitar Center, I could make more profit selling a Pacific drumset with all the accessories for $1200 as opposed to selling a $4000 Roland electronic kit...

      :shrug: I dunno. I'm not really a pedal junkie. I prefer rack gear. The only pedals I have now are my NS-2, Morely Bad Horsie, and my Bloody Murder prototype. I do have a Sonic Maximizer rackmount, but I only use it sometimes with my Line 6 TonePort, it warms up the tone nicely, but it doesn't agree with my B52 (i'll have to try it with my 5150 II when it's fixed). That thing can work miracles with even the crappiest solid state amp, but it doesn't agree with my tube amp. (but I think it's because my effects loop cuts out WAY too much volume, if I turn the levels up, I clip. I've already blown a pedal in my loop...)
    20. Groff
      They were built tougher than BOSS pedals IMO... Except that lame plastic switch.
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    Apr 24, 1990 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    West Chester, PA
    Store Clerk, Student
    Primary Seven:
    USA BC Rich Warlock w/M7
    Main Rig:
    Cobra/Vader 2x15
    Myspace URL:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    USA BC Rich Warlock 7-String w/ M7
    Other Guitars:
    BC Rich Evil Edge Mockingbird,
    Ibanez BTB 6-String Bass,
    Peavey Millennium BXP 4-String bass,
    Yamaha ERG 121,
    Arizona Acoustic,
    Framus Cobra
    Effects & Pedals:
    Bloody Murder,
    DOD FX69B Grunge Distortion Pedal,
    Morley Bad Horsie 2 Contor Wah,
    Electro-Harmonix Micro Clone Theory,
    BBE MaxCom Dual Compressor,
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Vader 2x15,
    Peavey Scorpion 4x12,
    Carvin "15 powered Speakers and monitors,
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Yamaha MW12 USB Mixer,
    Shure SM-57,
    Audio-Technica AT2020 & AT2021 condensor mics,
    AKG D110 Bass mic,
    DFH Superior,
    Cubase LE (cause it was free),
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Ludwig Drums,
    Sega Genesis
    My 7 string influences: Jeff Loomis, Dino Cararez, BULB!, Steve Smith, Fredrick Thordendal

    Guitar, bass, drums, song writing, general writing, video games, indie game design



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