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  • Well, one of them is getting an incredible spalted and flamed top, not sure which guitar will get that yet. Doug's got some really cool pieces of timber coming in, so I'll wait to see that before deciding the other top wood.
    Other than that, the 6 is most likely having P90s, and might be tele shaped. Not sure yet.
    The 7 will have fanned frets. It'll be a prototype since Doug hasn't done one before. If it comes out well, it'll become a standard option.

    I'm a lowly barman, but I have practically no outgoings and I have a year or more to save up the cash..
    The 7321 is off having some crazy ass work done to it. So I don't have it right now. I don't have a 7 at all right now. It blows. But, when I get it back, it should be a nicer than the Xiphos in a way. You'll see. :)
    Yeah, it's gone now unfortunately. :(

    Someone snagged it on the bay. I'll miss it, but I had to pay the bills. :noplease:
    Heh yeah it's been in the works since November I believe. :) There was a monetary issue that popped up (i.e. I had to pay a $2500 tuition bill out of pocket! :() that pushed back my second payment to Mike so it slowed up the build process a bit. I sent him $1K about 3 weeks ago so I'm still waiting on progress pics. Whenever I get them I'll bump up the thread... just checked it out and it's been 4 months without any news! :lol:
    Unfortunately, I'm so cool and original that no one else sounds like me... :lol:

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