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    1. viesczy
      OMG those are words that are English but don't make sense overly liquidy feel is a problem? OMG! DEMON! ;)

      What/where is your EQ setting again? My combo is at my ex - gfs (it still in one piece so far) and IIRC bass was like 1 o'clock, mid was 11 o'clock, high was noon and the tube contour was 10 o'clock ish. I typically run AirNorton neck/Tone Zone bridge loaded guitars into her.

      El D loves all pedals and doesn't complain. I do love me the Danelectro Daddy-O for a boost, just give the right oomph to a great sound.

      I don't doubt you'll get all you hear out of her, there's not a tone I can't get out of either of mine that I hear in my head.
    2. viesczy
      With the modern engaged, I never thought I needed a boost for any sorta metal (I do play both types of music, heavy & metal) with my 60/30. Well, with 7s & 8s maybe, but I was always pleased with the tones. Doesn't have the gain my XXX/5150 III/Mesa, but more than enough, the compressed and modern give an great liquid feel.

      The 60 watt setting has a more aggressive tone to it, but I love the 30 watt setting for solos. Thusly I keep her on 30 watts.
    3. viesczy
      Can an El Diablo do those tones? YES.

      Will you sound exatly like them? No.

      You'll have your own voice but plenty of gain on tap to get as nasty as you want. 6L6s give better tones than EL34s that come in the amp stock, to my ears at least.

      Spend time with an EL D to see how the active EQ and the tube contour work together. If you're not careful on the 100 watt head you can dial a tone that sounds muffled/overly compressed, unless that is what you want and then you have the global attack to stand out for scalar runs. I find my 60/30 combo isn't as apt to sound muffled.

      About the loop, IDK to tell the truth. I typically only ever run what comes on amps any longer as I hate lugging gear! Does it have a loop even? God that sounds dumb, but I ever used it. Sorry on that.
    4. TMM
      Thanks! Pretty sure it says right on the SC page that I was using a TC Integrated Preamp (IP) as a boost. As for settings, IIRC, in o'clocks, it was roughly gain / b / m / t -- 2 / 1 / 2 / 330. On the TC, I had the boost around 2 o'clock, bass at around 8 o'clock (a touch higher than fully attenuated), and the treble around 130. (does all of that make sense?)
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