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Sep 13, 2015
Sep 16, 2007
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Big River, South Pole
I'm a Media Advisor for my City Hall

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Custom is better, from Big River, South Pole

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Sep 13, 2015
    1. Gamba
      Opa, blz meu? É um custom shop :)
    2. Sephael
    3. Sephael
      "How would you describe a...", the post that you edited for grammar.
    4. Sephael
      shit man, I'm incredibly sorry about the neg rep it was intended to be possitive
    5. darkinners
      no problems mate, well Hong Kong music biz suck ass LOL, people only listen to bubble gum pop, no rock and metal scene here, except you are talking about underground music scene, it's not big but it's pretty healthy now, consider Hong Kong is a very small city, it's not bad at all!
    6. RenegadeDave
      The bass is very tight, and they are very tight. The low end didn't have much "thump" to it (I like the "gow gow gow gow" of the 7th string and this pickup didn't have any of it that I could find). I never was able to dial in a tone with them that was to my liking that completely didn't require me to tweak for my other guitars to work on the same models. I should clarify that and say that I couldn't find a tone out of the bridge pickup that I liked a whole lot, the neck pickup was incredible. The bridge is extremely bright, if you like that signature Duncan sizzle then this puppy has loads of it. Playing leads out of the bridge almost got shrill, in my opinion.

      But for honesty's sake, I play primarily through headphone monitors, the handful of times I played through my amp the brightness wasn't as big a deal as I guess the higher frequencies were attenuated by the bigger speaker. But through the bigger speaker the low end didn't have as much punch as I like.
    7. Sang-Drax
      Falae! Bem-vindo! =)

      Cheruti é um luthier de SC, não é isso? Se é quem eu estou pensando, já é o segundo brasileiro que tem uma guitarra dessas haha! Belíssima, aliás :metal:
    8. leandroab
    9. Enzo
      Opaaaa! Outro brasileiro! E parabéns pela bela guitarra que você tem meu velho!
    10. Bloody_Inferno
      Thanks! :yesway:

      I'm relatively new to the 7. Just started playing one since I got my 1527 when I was in Japan in late 2008. So basically just over a year, but I alternate all the time. It didn't take long probably because of 14-15 years of playing, and I also play a 5 string bass.

      As for favorite bands.... There's a fair and diverse amount. Usual suspects would be Steve Vai, Dream Theatre, Scar Symmetry, Janne Da Arc (when they do), Mucc, Nevermore... can't remember them all. :scratch:
    11. filipe200x
      Hey JP! Added you cause you replied my post. So, how long have you been playing the 7? And your favorite bands that use them? Salutings from brazil =]
    12. Bloody_Inferno
      Why, hello new friend! :wavey:
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    Home Page:
    Big River, South Pole
    I'm a Media Advisor for my City Hall
    Primary Seven:
    Cheruti OH7
    Main Rig:
    Guitar/PODxt/Pwr amp
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Cheruti OH7
    Other Guitars:
    JEM 555 - Ibanez, Tarrega (nylon) - DiGiorgio
    Laney LC 30 II, Ibanez TB 15
    Effects & Pedals:
    PODxt bean shape with FBV Express Controller
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    AKG 141 Studio Headphone
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    AKG mic (generic).
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Lots of picks! =]
    Something silly, i wish i had better things to say. But i do like to make new friends, so. :)

    I mostly ache to do nothing, but i force myself to be active.