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  • I figured I need one to match my penis.

    Also, that price is amazing. I might have to do that.
    His sitting clips, from what I remember, were noticeably better than that. But yeah... he's sloppy. It's unfortunate.
    Opeth is drawn out occasionally but yeah, the riffs are good and there are some very tasty leads. Also, the two vocal styles give the music more variety.
    Tremendously. Or calculated. :squint:

    Let's post a lot of mean shit about them, and then tell them to start checking this place out. :coffee:
    Yeah, to be honest, I'm not much a Porcupine Tree fan either. Lots of actually really good musicianship (particularly Gavin Harrison) but it does feel a little drawn out for the most part. I file them under bands I "check out to pickup a thing or two" but certainly don't really find myself spinning in my CD player.
    Dude, I was just watching that video last night. Emil's a beast and his thought process when it comes to writing guitar parts is different and fun to follow along with. Nice as hell guy, too. I would totally pay for those jamplay lessons.
    Watching it now, although I'm familiar with the song. Totally not within my skillset. AT.ALL.
    Ah ok, it's become clearer now... I think :lol:

    I'm aware that I was generalising on a microscopic scale, I wasn't sure if I was getting carried away with that or not. Now that you've added "depending on who you talk to" into the mix, we are most certainly on the same page friend :yesway:

    Glad to know that you thought our conversation was the highlight of the thread too :) (smileys are metal :metal:)
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