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  • Hi i'm Nicolas from Paris,

    Would you be interested in a trade with a high end 7-string Jackson Custom Shop ?


    Hey Fabeau,

    I am really interested in your Boden 8. Couple of things alas, my max upper limit to spend on an 8 at the moment is €1950 + Shipping. I know that is below your latest price but as I see it the guitar has been listed for some time so I guess will be finding it's market value. I also won't have the funds until pay day August 2nd. I guess I am just putting a feeler out as obviously if a buyer comes along by then and with a higher price you should hit with a quickness but was wondering if you would let me know if this would even be a consideration for you.

    I am obviously a lowish post count on here but I have feedback on two transactions with your fellow country man Franceso, who was a pleasure to deal with BTW and my ebay is mark_mcg 100% positive over many years, plus the PayPal protections of course. Let me know if my offer is something you would consider.

    If not, thanks for taking the time to have a read and have a great weekend :wavey:


    Francesco spilled the beans and said you acquired that Bubinga KxK Sii7. I demand a NGD with sound clips! It's so damn gorgeous and really want to hear the Mule 7s.
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