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He seldomly knows..., from Formerly from Cucaramacatacatirimilcote...

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Dec 1, 2019
    1. celticelk
      Do you have any samples of your work up for download/streaming? I'm intrigued by this 8-string funk thing to which you keep alluding....
    2. failshredder
    3. Jakke
    4. Jakke
      hey, I gotta sak: are you the same explorer that frequents UG?
    5. Guitarman700
      You always seem to chime in with some very intelligent and interesting points.
      Makes for some thought provoking reading. Thanks!
    6. failshredder
      I am now listening to Riverside, on your recommendation.

      Damn you for being so awesome. :wub:
    7. Randy
    8. Guitarman700
      You are a man possessed of great wisdom. :yesway:
    9. Stealthdjentstic
      How old are you :eek:
    10. Soubi7string
      I have not tried calling or e-mailing him due to 1:my e-mail is full of thousands of messages from where idk and 2: I don't have long distance
    11. Vicissitude27
      Cheers on the FR! :cheers:
    12. GATA4
      Hey man, just wanted to drop by and say that I really appreciate your thoroughness and analytical abilities....your posts are very interesting to read, and I often wish I could read as deeply into things as you do hahaha. Keep up the good work dawg!
    13. Treeunit212
      May I quote your comments on this Rape Definition bill?
    14. failshredder
      Also, thanks to you I did some listening around, and now want an 8-string on a budget of $Broke. You're a jerk. ;)
    15. failshredder
      Your posts are consistently awesome. :cheers:
    16. ddtonfire
      NASA? Which facility?
    17. Self Bias
      Self Bias
      Aren't we intelligent. Yeah, dude, I'm really going to build a guitar from a chicken coop. I was completely serious about the rest of that post too.
    18. Necris
    19. stuz719
      Rep will be added when I'm not trying to do everything on my phone! Keys are so small on this screen it's like trying to put a supertanker into a matchbox typing on this thing! Stuz
    20. Explorer

      There is something really creepy about combining mechanical parts into a living organism, isn't there?

      When I was a kid, the first reference I had to such an idea was from the writing of Edgar Allan Poe:

      The Man That Was Used Up - Edgar Allan Poe

      Then, of course, there was the Six Million Dollar Man, adapted from the book "Cyborg" by Martin Caidin.

      Lately there have been quite a few combinations of animals and insects with mechanical parts, inspired (no doubt) by the fascination with steampunk imagery.

      I swear, though, I'd not posted that avatar to scare anyone. *laugh*

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    Formerly from Cucaramacatacatirimilcote...
    Primary ERG:
    FM-408 25.5" Bb0FCGDAEB4
    Other Guitars:
    12-string fifths-tuned acoustic C2-G2-D3-A3-E4-B4, ESP LTD FM-408 25.5" EADGFCBD, Agile Intrepid Pro 28" ultimate fifths machine Ab0-Eb1-Bb1-F2-C3-G3-D45-A4
    Effects & Pedals:
    Mostly non-MIDI synth gear


    If you don't care enough to research your own question, why should anyone else care more?

    "Pay no attention to his long winded posts... (Explorer) seldomly knows what he's talking about."

    "Actual knowledge and a google bookmark are very different things." Anonymous neg-repper