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Jun 11, 2021
    1. Dan
      My word i've just found the dolphin thread. :rofl: You're a special man for finding that, you really are :lol:
    2. ElRay
      I can't beleive I just found your Abandoning Full 5ths thread. Did you switch? Right now, I'm down to one steel string acoustic, and that's stuck in standard tuning because that's what my youngest's 1/4 classical is tuned to for her lessons. Once I get to build that electric I've been planning for ages, it will likely go M3 (all Major 3rds) or something 5ths-based (Fripp's NST/Crafty/C-Pentatonic tuning or all 5ths), it just depends if I 6 or 7 strings. It will be multi-scaled, so I'm not too worried about string tensions if I go all 5ths or even NST + a lower 5th.
    3. ElRay
      How's the hand doing?
    4. Spaceman_Spiff
      Just gotta say, in reference to the dolphin sex thread, BEST. AVATAR. EVER. :lol:
    5. Stealthdjentstic
      How's your hand doing?
    6. ElRay
      Hang in there with the recovery.

      I don't know what's more odd about "that thread": The fact that I was intrigued and repulsed at the same time, or the weird deja-vu feeling I had when I decided to drop you a note after reading the linked article.
    7. Alberto7
      It took me a while to realize it was you who was posting! There's definitely more to you than meets the eye, judging by the change of avatar and all :rofl:

      Just thought I'd make the remark :)
    8. The Reverend
      The Reverend
      I had to ruin your streak of positive rep :) I Youtubed that song you mentioned...and it was excellent. Thanks for the recommendation!
    9. Mr Violence
      Mr Violence
      Have you ever posted a comment without 4 dashes and a second section? :rofl:

      Not that it's a bad thing. :wub:
    10. ElRay
      A reference to "The Frantics" by a non-Candian? I thought I was the only one! :lol:

      What's next? Quoting from the "Red Green Show" or old "Beachcombers" episodes? Aldo Nova covers posted to the forum? Eating Poutine for lunch? :lol:
    11. aawshred
      Your current scale length- playing 25.5 6 strings
      Your current tuning- typically drop c
      The strings you use to play in that tuning- 11 14 18 30 42 52/54
      The tuning you'll be using on 8-string- probably EBEADGBE or a half step down of that
    12. BigPhi84
      Dude, I thought that I added you wayyyyyy back in the day? LOL. Well, thanks for the add, dude-difer.
    13. Mr Violence
      Mr Violence
      You're one smart motherfucker and I think you should be reminded. :yesway:
    14. atticmike
      You are aware of religion having a wide range of use? For every person there is another god, which may not exactly be a god, a person, or a ruler, someone they put their trust in. As soon as you look up to someone, they're becoming sort of a god figure to you. Just another theory which holds at least a little truth.

      I wasn't careful with choosing my words on this topic, however, I'm kind of tired seeing discussions about religion or politics. Try smooth talk a Republican in the position of a Democrat :D

      Never gonna interfere in such topics here ever again since people get irritated easily.

      Religion and politics are usually a no go and cause nothing but trouble. Should be a ban rule on this board compared to what causes you get banned around here...

      Have a good day sir!
    15. Meatbucket
      Just read through some of your posts. You, my friend, are a good debater and sensible person. I may not agree with everything you post 100% of the time, but that doesn't take away your awesomeness.
    16. Deadnightshade
      I hope you didn't damage your keyboard/monitor/laptop when you sprayed Dr.Pepper :lol:
    17. Grand Moff Tim
      Grand Moff Tim
      You pick up Red Headed Stranger yet? I'm curious to know what you think. It really is an all-time fave of mine.
    18. Stealthdjentstic
      So many awesome posts, keep it up :D
    19. ry_z
      :yesway: for intelligent, reasoned discussion and debate.
    20. soliloquy
      i didn't want green lanterns thread to go off topic, so here, take a look at these:
      YouTube - ‪Tomb Raider: Official Trailer (E3 2011)‬‏

      YouTube - ‪Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves - Official E3 Trailer [HD]‬‏

      as you can see, some of the background is lit differently so it almost seems like an HDR image. and sometimes the shine put on people seems a bit artificial. but for the most part, these things look far more real than some of the CGIs done in movies coming out since 2008.
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    Formerly from Cucaramacatacatirimilcote...
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    FM-408 25.5" Bb0FCGDAEB4
    Other Guitars:
    12-string fifths-tuned acoustic C2-G2-D3-A3-E4-B4, ESP LTD FM-408 25.5" EADGFCBD, Agile Intrepid Pro 28" ultimate fifths machine Ab0-Eb1-Bb1-F2-C3-G3-D45-A4
    Effects & Pedals:
    Mostly non-MIDI synth gear


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