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He seldomly knows..., from Formerly from Cucaramacatacatirimilcote...

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Jun 11, 2021
    1. AngstRiddenDreams
      It's good to have you back on here regularly
    2. synrgy
      With apologies for something of a necro-bump.. I was curious if you'd be willing to share any more information about your experience with hand surgery/recovery, related to this old thread:


      I have (finally, just recently) been diagnosed with *severe* cubital tunnel of my left arm/hand, and doc wants to do surgery. My ability to play has already been affected for years, and they're warning me that post-surgery I probably won't get back most of what I've already lost; that the surgery to relocate my ulnar nerve is simply to stop the problem from getting any worse..

      I'm just curious about how things are for you now (as a player, especially), these few years later, and if you can offer any words of encouragement and/or discouragement for me, surgery/therapy-wise?
    3. octatoan
      Hey, I saw you talk about a full-fifths 8 you used to play / still do. Can I have some info on that, please?
    4. ElRay
      RE:Common sense and education. I'm not entirely clear if the OP is actually against creationism, especially since I put the OP on my ignore list at some point. I normally do that when someone rejects facts in favor of dogma. - Explorer

      He "believes" evolution, but doesn't "understand" evolution or "understand" why creationism/ID are logically inconsistent, conflicted by reality, etc. If you want to show his comments, you'll see how he thinks there's intelligent planning behind evolution.
    5. scherzo1928
      Thank you so very much. You've got no idea of how happy that made me.
    6. scherzo1928
      Hey man, I need your help. I've been looking for ages for a video you linked a looong time ago. It was a video of a game related to vines or ivy and it had some really beautiful music. Do you remember what it was called or have that link?
      Any chance i can talk you into an all Republican ballot vote today? hahaha
    8. soliloquy
      regarding the ghandi thread you made:

      you wrote: I'm curious, but I think I'd find it really depressing....

      its one of those movies that sticks with you well after the credits and weeks/months after as well. it is depressing, but more shocking than depressing

      Water (2005) - IMDb
    9. Ibanezsam4
      dont quote me on this.. but i think some independent longform news groups like pro-publica were looking into the union connections in addition to the ad busters origins and never got picked up in the main stream.. sorry i couldn't be more helpful than that. but do look into the book by Zizek. i am not a neo-marxist, but i find it interesting that a free market guy and a socialist can at least agree on the sickness and symptoms in liberal democracies even if we dont agree on the cure.
    10. The Reverend
      The Reverend
      Don't leave again! It's strange to say, but I missed reading your viewpoints on things.
    11. skeels
      Hey welcome back man. Good to see you.
    12. The Reverend
      The Reverend
    13. Empryrean
      Explorer, where are you? I need your words :(
    14. The Reverend
      The Reverend
      You haven't been on in a month, now. What's going on? And why am I so concerned?
    15. brutalwizard
      I haven't seen you around for a while man. Glad to see a post from you today.
    16. guitareben
      Hey Explorer, I suddenly realised - The clockwork spider in your Avatar... that wouldn't happen to be SCP-217 - The SCP Foundation ? :)
      I'm catching you on post count!!!
    18. AngstRiddenDreams
      Hey just so you know on the Anonymous thread I'm not trying to be a dick to you. :lol: I was just trying to be funny. If you check in there you'll see what I mean.
    19. Metal_Webb
    20. ElRay
      Hey, I know you're not here much, but Tom from OAF started a new 5ths tuning thread.
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    If you don't care enough to research your own question, why should anyone else care more?

    "Pay no attention to his long winded posts... (Explorer) seldomly knows what he's talking about."

    "Actual knowledge and a google bookmark are very different things." Anonymous neg-repper