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  • Frank is however guilty of crimes against wigs and leather trousers.....omfg.............

    For the record - having met Frank he's actually a really down to earth bloke. When I saw Chick Corea in Cambridge the rest of the band walked offstage at the break and he's the only one who stayed and chatted to people. If anything his video appearances don't do him any justice at all as he comes across as far too serious and besides.....he's so much better than a lot of musicians that he has a right to some satisfaction at his achievements right? :)
    I haven't a clue. :lol: In all seriousness, I don't think that DDDorian was prepared for anyone *actually* being able to complete *any* of his challenges. :lol: The dude's reward was for those who failed to be given his avatar.

    Hell, imagine if *I* had wone. Invasion of the redheads. :lol:
    Are you aware of DDDorian's THUNDERDDDOME? It's a challenge thread. Failure to complete the challenge results in the competitor being banned for and week, and being bestowed with a ridiculous avatar. :lol:
    Oh shit, I knew I'd seen that somewhere before! I'll change it slightly so it isn't a direct rip.

    Haha sorry mate :D
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