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  • I wouldn't think so. I've had my triple rec and recto 4x12 for like 5 years and never had a problem. You should be fine
    Idk about the startup noises, but the big pop when switching is common. My triple rec does that the first time i hit each channel. Stops after the first switch
    I go to University of Delaware. And yeah Mesas rule dude. You won't regret buying one if you decide to go for it.
    yeah man lets do it. I have a vocalist and a bass player. right now im kinda between rigs cause im on a mad hunt for the tone im looking for but im deff down. I have a studio that would record us for mad cheap. I'm kind of a cynical prog head tho... what kind of stuff are you trying to write
    I am not in a band unfortunately. I have no time with school :( And I have a triple rec and I love it. Mesa ftw!
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