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Nov 7, 1992 (Age: 27)
Airdrie, Alberta

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Is beardless...., 27, from Airdrie, Alberta

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    1. Saber_777
      But I will be only working weekends, and until the fields are planted. Tobaccoo farming.
    2. Saber_777
      what ever I can earn once I start my new job. =/, although I am looking to divide it up between gear. I am not exactly sure what I will make in total. 10 to 12 dollars an hour depending on the job that I do. I was lookings at the MH-417.
    3. Saber_777
      damn, that sucks. I need to check on this 7 I want.... Ever see an NT-7 go for sale used? I planned to do it with 0 money spent though... Its going to be terrible. I just want a 7 so bad. =/
    4. Saber_777
      Thats a great deal on that trem system though, I want to convert one of my sixes to a 7.
    5. Saber_777
      For your 7?
    6. Saber_777
    7. Saber_777
      Hell yeah! You should do a thread on it, I am wanting to pretty bad. And its sooo eassyyy to lock the trem. Its amazing. I love Kahler. haha. I would be too, I hate cutting things I payed money for. Wiring mostly... I havent bought any wood yet, but wiring. And espically with grounding wires because they have to be short. idk what it is with me. haha. What kind of pups do you prefer?
    8. Saber_777
      That wood is great! You getting excited? I have for 6ers. I really love it. Its simple yet effective. Some people hate on them, but I love them. So do you need to route at all for a Kahler? Its all opinion I think though. It doesnt interfere with playing at all either. I hope so, cause new Kahlers are like 350 and 250. I dont know much about the price used.
    9. Saber_777
      The pic links are broken. I havent played any 7 string Kahlers, sadly. How much are you looking to spend? How hard is it to install a Kahler?
    10. Saber_777
      Bubinga? I extremely support the idea of a Kahler trem system. I loooveee Kahler!!!
    11. Saber_777
      It was 400 for the work that was done, 400 for the trees that need removed... I only have insurance on the shell of the house. Which is really fucking dumb. Hows getting your build started going?
    12. Saber_777
      Do I have an acoustic or a Taylor? I have 2 acoustics, no Taylor. ONes a Fender, ones a Flinthill. I love the Flinthill. Sounds amazing. Taylor makes some amazing stuff. . . Even if you put 3 or 4 thousand to it. I yet again have another budget set back. There was a bad storm that blew though recently, downed a tree. Tore out the electric meter box right off of the pole. Everyting had to be replaced. 400 bucks. Now we need to cut 2 other trees down... Another 400 dollars. Thats with the 200 discount... Bull...FUcking...Shit
    13. Saber_777
      [IMG] like this one. 12 - end. Yeah, its a nice piece of work.
      I really like Taylor guitars, even though its mainstream. They're very nice. Do you have an acoustic?
    14. Saber_777
      Do you have the ESP or LTD version?
    15. Saber_777
      Holy shit! That wood looks great man! Are you just going to have the lower frets fanned or do like some do and reverse it at the end as well. I love the wood, I am gonig to pissed if you paint that guy. haha.

      I never was too big on parker guitars. I have seen some nice ones though. ESP or customs for this guy. lol Is that your acoustic in the pic?
    16. Saber_777
    17. Saber_777
      Macassar Ebony top - whats that look like? I have no idea, I do like Parkers alot but cant justify spending that money for one. Some models are made with plywood, I know its for specific reasons and shit bbut you know. Whats the scale? I hear Piezos are good? never hadthem though.
    18. Saber_777
      Not really. Buuuttt. I have been drawing out a lot of ideas. 7 and 8 string builds. What about you? I just want something unique looking, but it correlates with sound quality.
    19. Saber_777
      bass scale and fanned frets. Halfway there! I will, but nothing good pops up where I am from. Sadly. I will start checking it out though! Thanks for the idea
    20. Saber_777
      You mean youre going to build one? Its not, I went to a larger county that has a lowes today, but I couldnt stop or anything. Money is really pinched at the moment, I think I am gonig to go and buy one of those old hand powered one. . . Seriously. I decided I am probably going to get an Ultra as well. ever played a fanned fret?
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    Nov 7, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Airdrie, Alberta
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez RG7321w/Dimarzios
    Main Rig:
    ENGL powerball
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    None right now :(
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    Other Guitars:
    Schecter damian 6
    ESP AX-400fm
    Parker Mojo Fly
    Caparison Horus HGS
    Engl Powerball -> Peavey 6505 4x12
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    Boss NS-2
    Boss ML-2
    Boss DD-7
    Crybaby 535Q
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Peavey 6505 4x12
    Snowboarding, woodworking/tech stuff


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