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  • Hey man. I have to ask you where you bought your old JR. V icon. I have a hard time finding a dealer who sells them.
    Have a nice day
    I never saw AAL as a djent band. I see them more as progressive trio with elements of many different genres.
    You make a point at that statement. In honesty It lacks the essence of a band like Meshuggah had. I feel its more like a pop version of meshuggah. Stripping away all the aggression and harshness that meshuggah had, leaving the guitar tone a little less dirty, and incorporating core elements. Its pretty much a Di(j)et version of that style. If you give Tesseract and Periphery a try it has alot of lightcore elements in it. I wouldn't be surprised if I shown a high school girl a picture of Tessearcts singer and there music, due to the fact he looks like a perfect fit for Maroon 5. It lacks balls in my opinion.
    Your post on the topic about deathcore mentioned your distate for djent. I just wonder what is your thoughts and why. I'm not fan of Djent and could see where your coming from. I call it Diet Meshuggah
    hey man, i recognized today that i came over a bit too harsh yesterday in the dime-thing-thread - and even if i still stand behind what i said, i just wanted to make clear that i didnt want to offend you, especcially i know you from here as a stand-up-guy who is not one of those who is always on the basher-side. my post was more directed towards those who ALWAYS start these kind of threads...

    anyway, just wanted you to know.
    Yeah Huf seems to be a man who is very set in his ways. He knows what he likes and he doesn't deviate from that for anyone... No slant headstocks, no floyds, no colors, no other pickups besides his own, etc.etc. He makes it a little difficult to design your guitar, especially considering it is a "custom", ya know? :lol:
    Yeah, I'm usually 50/50 on Huf's guitars. Sometimes I need a nice shiny finish on a guitar ya know? :lol: And Huf isn't doing that.
    As for Kayzer's guitar collection, it is insane. The guy has SEVERAL custom shop ESPs, and a killer custom BCRich Beast7, and lots of other top notch shit. And what's even more amazing is his uber-expensive pedal collection!
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