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    Smash Bros!

    I like them. I'm not a die hard fan but the game itself is satisfying to play, it's so freeform I think id lose my mind trying to play it competitively. Iirc I bought ultimate for the switch when they added the piranha plant guy, silly dude haha.
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    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    it’s honestly one of the best guitars I own. setup straight out of the box was perfect, insanely low and embarrassingly I even had to raise it cause my muting was giving me unintended hammer-ons haha.
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    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    thank you guys for the kind words! You would never believe how many times I've specced out the Zeus before I finally settled on some must-have features. 1) the schecter is pretty nice! It's a MIJ model so that might be why you don't see them often, the frets aren't quite as jumbo as I'm used to...
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    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    The only new one is the NK but I never post NGDs anymore so I figured it might be nice to have one for all three. First: Black limba body 1 piece maple neck richlite fb w/ dot inlays Hipshot countour bridge Beryllium bridge pickup Empyrean neck (i couldnt resist lol) Schecter AR-07 Alder body...
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    NGD: Bastard Xiphos-RG

    hell yeah! beautiful family you got there!
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    NK Headless Mod & Art Project (pic heavy)

    I like the frosted clear one
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    Post Your GAS

    I don't consider myself a purveyor of boutique guitars but.. ugh I don't own a green guitar someone buy this so I don't have to see it on my reverb wishlist everyday :lol:
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    What game are you playing?

    Anyone else playing DNF Duel? I haven't had this much fun in a fighting game in so long
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    Lots of shootings...

    I'm using this as my reference. there's a big emphasis on "serious" or "great" injury. It leaves me to question if the Briney's had used a bear trap, would they have been liable for the charges held against them? how much force is reasonably necessary ? An ACME springloaded boxing glove signed...
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    Lots of shootings...

    I didn't think about the trap springing off on an unintended intruder but I can see where things would go awry if it were an emt or firefighter. I still stand by my position that a bear trap really can't be compared to a spring loaded shotgun aimed at a door. I'm about to have an aneurism I feel...
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    Lots of shootings...

    I am completely unsurprised and my point was that if we objectively consider the lethality of a bear trap vs a slug to any part of the body I'm quite certain a bullet is doing far more damage. I find it odd that doing harm to another human being with a weapon vs a trap is seen as unlawful based...
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    Lots of shootings...

    Both of you posed similar questions that I've also pondered. A few years ago I came home to my apartment with an opened front door and the lights on. I called the non emergency line and sat in my car wondering what to do if I saw someone walking out holding any of my belongings and really...
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    NPD: Elysian Trident II (Goliath variant) set. Holy shit, what the hell?!

    thank you for the write up! yes I think I'll be picking up a Goliath in the near future :) while I'm a fan of big bottom and scoopy mids I don't mind some mid focus as long as it isn't ALL MIDS. Your description of the high end was definitely what sold me though, you can always eq out a little...
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    So has anyone ordered from AliExpress?

    ormsby's goliath shape is kind of close..
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    NPD: Elysian Trident II (Goliath variant) set. Holy shit, what the hell?!

    the Elysian temptation is so real you guys aren't helping my gas. If anyone's had a dimarzio Blaze , Titan or SD Custom they can compare it to I thnk I'd be pushed over the edge depending on how you'd describe them