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  • I ordered brass stock through www.onlinemetals.com
    The zero fret works just like an other fret but doesn't reqiure finger pressure to hold the string down. It doesn't need to be higher but a little extra clearance doesn't hurt. I normally install the zero fret after levelling the other frets so it does end up a bit higher than the others.
    Sand paper work well, just like when you are working wood. Start with a 220 and then go up to 320, 400, 600 and higher for a nice smooth finish. The goal is primarily to have a nut that is free of sharp edges and then look nice too.
    Which guitar were you looking at with the brass? If it's the green/white/blue 10 string that one actually has a brass nut on it.
    Brass can be worked with a file or dremel. It is important to clean up the edges because they can be sharp and cut either you or the string. I normally buff the brass until is very smooth which can be done on a drill press with the buffing wheels and compounds found at Home Depot or alot other hardware stores. It is time consuming but works well enough. The retainers, depending on the guitar of course, can span all of the strings or only some of them. Lately I have been building guitars with the high A string and I found that I need to place the tuner very close to the zero fret. By having the tuner so close the string doesn't move too much.
    Some of the pics that are posted don't show the installed string guide that I use. Basically, at the end of the fretboard I cut a nut like piece to keep the strings inline. Because it isn't a real nut you can get away with using pretty much anything. I have even just filed a slot in the end of the fretboard to act as a guide.
    Hey sorry I'm slow sometimes. I used an acoustic saddle blank instead of a nut blank - they can be found in most of the same materials. I do have some taper on my 9's and actually intended to have more, but ended up with a wider nut width than I really wanted because I was afraid of cutting it too small.
    It's already in.

    The answer is rather simple. :)

    The 40DC would be the perfect size for an 8 string. But as this is fanned, it contains a 9 string pickup housing, thus the 45DC. :)
    I actually did just use a band saw. They make different blades for cutting different materials (i.e. metal vs wood).

    As far as fretwork and nuts go, I'd say just get it close-ish doing everything yourself. Then, if you decide that you like the guitar, go ahead and take it to an actual pro and spend the $100 or whatever they charge for a complete setup. That's my plan for now.
    Hey, frets are pretty easy to deal with. I cheated and bought my fretboard pre-slotted from LMI, they charge all of $9 and you get perfect slots... just a fret saw costs more than that let alone templates and whatnot. Actually installing the frets is easy, just cut the wire to size and smash it into the slots with a plastic-ended hammer.

    Guitar Fingerboards

    Cutting a nut properly without expensive tools is hard, but I got mine close enough with a couple of different hacksaw blades and some random small files for the big strings.
    Sorry, been away for the holidays.

    My photobucket went over the limit, so I just upgraded my account so those photos should now be available.

    Website will be going up in the new year, just working with some programmers and photographers now. I am going to say February to not get too ahead of myself.

    Schwob Guitars
    Hey - just got this - Haven't logged in in a couple of days. I like the guitar. I'll keep updating it but I think I'm ending up with something I'll like more than an off the shelf Elite.

    I've written a lot about it on my guitar blog - but if there's something specific just let me know!

    Some info here: Schecter Omen 8 String Review « Guitarchitecture.org

    and here:

    Schecter Omen 8 String Review Part 2 – String Observations And Sound Clips « Guitarchitecture.org

    And I should have a new one up about the BNK cold sweat that's installed.

    Hope this helps! Just let me know if you have more questions!
    I dont have the Omen 8, mines the Damien Elite, great guitar and highly reccomended. The string guages that cam on it were a little thick for my liking so I strung it up with .9 - .68 guages strings and it made a world of difference ( for me at least ).
    I mean snappy like tight. Kinda djenty stop start type sound.
    To be honost i really have no idea. Like i said, its in an ash guitar so i dont know what it sounds like in mahogany, but i would assume it would be a good result.
    Ya know, i really couldnt say. The guitar it is in is swamp ash with a maple neck, but i would assume this would sound thick and snappy in mahogany. It sounds fucking massive in the guitar i have it in.
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