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  • Yes it is a seven string. I am very curious about Corts I know they make a lot of other companies guitars. Let me know I am in no hurry take your time consider offers and let me know.
    Hopefully the pics help. Really though, if you like Schecter guitars, you will love the play of the guitar. It's super nice. I'm about 99.9% sure you'll be super pleased w/ the set-up.
    Trade is a go. Does your's come w/ a case? If not, I'd prefer to trade guitar-to-guitar so I don't have to replace my case. I think that's fair.

    I will post pics here in a minute of the action. Sorry for being MIA - 1st of month here at work has been crazy and not much time for anything else. My apologies!
    Haha! I'm flattered! ;) I didn't see your reply until this a.m. I will snap pics tonight and post them tomorrow.

    Awesomesaucypants, out!
    Hi Tommy, the action is sweet. I had the guitar set up by a luthier here in Columbus. He's the real deal so that guitar plays great. I can snap a few photos (of the action) and share them w/ you if you'd like. I can have them to you by tomorrow, just say the word. Thanks!
    to be honest, I've never made an inlay so I don't know... as always, if you're unsure try it on a piece of sparewood before
    Hi again!

    If you can do pearl side inlays I think it would be awesome! :hbang:I'm shure pearl would work.
    Hi Tommy!

    Sorry I didn't see your message earlier, hope it's not too late :/

    If you've got a vice big enough, use it! You can always put a smaller piece of wood in between if you need to press on a small spot to correct something afterwards if necessary.
    Good luck, hope I could help :)
    I'm not sure on that one, I've never used a single coil in the bridge position on any guitar let alone a low-tuned monster. I was leaning toward the TW myself but just didn't feel like spending the extra cash. I suppose you could always orient the pickup so that in single-coil mode the active coil would be the one further away from the bridge if necessary.
    I think it worked out perfectly. In hindsight I should have kept it that way on the second build. This summer I'll probably be doing a fanned fret version which should help the tone even more, though I'm thinking of having fewer strings since my playing is still not making much use of the 9 yet.
    I really just kind of eyeballed it and hoped for the best :lol:

    Here's the best picture I could find:

    I think the slanted pickup really helped. My newer 9 is mostly the same woods and the same bridge pickup but not slanted and the high strings sound much more piercing and not in a good way.
    I've been OK, just very busy. What's the plan with your 8 project? Is there a thread for it?
    Thanks a lot Tom & Tom :)fever:), your conversation answered all my questions!

    As long as all of the frets are level, including the zero fret, you'd be good to go. If you were going to make a zero fret out of something else brass might be too soft. Brass makes a fine nut because the string will never rub back and forth at all but a zero fret needs to take a bit of abuse. You could just make a brass nut with very shallow slots and add a secondary string retainer to keep everything in line.
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