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  • Look chap, I don't know about Adam_Of_Angels but I was just having a bit of a chuckle to be honest, I could understand how someone could think whitechapel and their lyrics are evil. I didn't mean to make you remove your input. If It was guilt tripping, it was very well played :lol:
    Could be. With the right pickups ash-bodied guitars can scream. Have you heard Jeff Loomis' Zero Order Phase? If not check Jato Unit. Anyways with a Seymour Duncan JB 7 in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Jazz 7 in the neck, I'd imagine this guitar would scream shred and chug.

    Infact, that's what I'm going to find out :metal:

    Oh yeah, speaking of Whitechapel we stole their 3 guitarist idea :rofl: We've got our myspace up but no songs, incase you're interested: My Grave End on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    (Yeah.. we formed last friday so it's fresh stuff)
    Ash bodied guitars tend to cut through the mix really well, making them great lead guitars. Lots of highs and upper mids from them, but ash sounds alot smoother than alder on the highs. Ideal for a lead guitar. (Jeff Loomis' sig is made of ash, he uses it on Zero Order Phase and is going to use it on the Obsidian Conspiracy.)
    Not really, I just want to get one before everyone else gets to them. Did you ever hear (or read in this case) the story of me ordering my last SR370? :rofl:

    I'm gonna get the cash for it in 1 1/2 weeks though, and there's still 19 of them left in stock so the chances of them all being gone is pretty slim.. Who knows. If they sell I'll just save up for an interceptor. To be dead honest though, I prefer bolt on over neck thrus due to convenience, so I sort of want the SR370 more. Oh, and ash :wub: I'm doing lead for my band so thats rather ideal.. ash body, floyd rose, 25.5" scale, bolton snappiness, what else could you ask for in a lead guitar?
    I thought you were talking about the obvious (but not so for most) part of the topic.

    But thanks for the pic, I need to find the whole manga/doujin now. :D
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