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  • I don't have it quite yet, but I've got an interview coming up which I'm sure I'll nail. Pretty confident about it :yesway:
    Alright that's good lol, I actually figured out work might interfere with things as I may be getting a new job at a certain guitar store chain.. :D
    oh :(

    Well the issue would be transferring them over.. If you've ever been to AX which I'm gonna guess you have, then you know how they ID to distribute the tickets. not sure if there's a way to move ownership over to someone else, though I'm p. sure there is honestly. Also, there is two tickets yeah?
    Ouch.. that's gotta be hard to give up. Did you buy them before 2014 at least? If so then I guess it's not too bad..
    Our vocalist and I are definitely interested if that's the case :)

    Are they single day passes? Also is there just one? If so that's all good, I was planning on paying myself at the door so yeah lol
    I might, infact I'll bring up the topic with the bandmates today and see if anyone else wants to tag along. I assume you're going yeah?
    No problem at all man! Thanks for sending me the link. Really looking forward to refinishing my RG!
    I just try to turn around and realize, at the end of the day we aren't saving lives. I'm grateful for the things I'm lucky enough to be able to have and do.

    She came from the sea to find answers. What she got was more than she could ink...
    Of course, right when my PC is broken, haha. Thanks for the heads up, will download to watch this weekend.
    =) No worries - everybody gets to make that mistake once. I threw a strap on it this morning, and it seems to be very well balanced. It may be just a tiny little bit neck-heavy, but it's certainly nothing that I would expect to be a problem in performance. After playing my OAF 8-string, which is about 12.5" across the lower bout, this thing is a *monster*!
    For the woods, you could start with my NGD post, where I listed the composition; I've since noticed that online information about the neck varies - it might be maple instead of mahogany. Definitely maple body and rosewood fretboard, though. I haven't had it on a strap yet, to be honest, so I can't comment on the balance; I'll try to remember to check that out tonight. I know that the Eastman El Rey 7-strings have had neck-dive issues, but they're significantly smaller in the body (14" lower bout instead of the Schecter's 17").
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