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    Brendon Small's gear stolen

    Buckethead’s guitars got stolen from his studio space last week. And now, this theft happens to Brandon Small. And one of the guitars stolen from Small happens to be a Buckethead Les Paul. Los Angeles is just unhinged right now. Truly regressing back into a dangerous, unsafe Wild West. Agreed...
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    PSA - Reverb charging sales tax twice on international sales

    Reverb has dug their own grave. The company is simply running out the clock at this point given the immense amount of complaints that have been brought up against them from around the internet and across the globe. I got into a very lengthy, very drawn-out situation starting mid last year where...
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    Bands that never lived up the hype or their potential

    Dead on arrival. Fucking miserable mess. Only appealed to a very, very, VERY tiny faction of a specific audience. And let’s be honest…it just wasn’t good objectively. I don’t care how subjectively the artist is emotionally attached to their work, but that solo album vanished into the void...
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    WTB ESP STH-130 & ESP SN-25TH (or ESP SONIC-II) Sonic the Hedgehog Guitars

    Bump. After a year away, I’m back on the hunt.
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    Ibanez RG2027XL Prestige vs ESP EII TB7SW

    People who decide on pickups before even knowing what guitar they are going in and using as a starting tonal base (which substantially affects the sound)…..why? And then, to ask us to compare/contrast two guitars that are totally different from each other in design and have literally next to...
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    Bands that never lived up the hype or their potential

    This. ^ This. ^ This. I respect After Laughter, and I can genuinely understand its commercial appeal and find some moments of enjoyment in it…but ultimately it ain’t for me as an album overall. And yes, it absolutely felt like pandering to the sadboi/sadgirl social media crowd of fans who wear...
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    Nita Strauss leaves Alice Cooper

    People actually pretend to still care about a mediocre chick guitarist playing for a shitty, washed-up rocker who is still perpetually stuck in the 70s-80s? *yawn*
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    NGD: Twinkle, twinkle little star. (ESP content)

    You’re already selling this thing?!?!
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    NGD: Twinkle, twinkle little star. (ESP content)

    Ah…I was wondering who snagged this Horizon that ESP did up Ohmura style. Glad to know that it was a fellow forum member! Absolutely lovely instrument! Truly top of its class in terms of quality and aesthetics.
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    Richardson 7 vs Majesty 7

    When I said... ...I was being sarcastic, my guy.
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Copper top. This Cardinal East has the same exact specs as Josh Elmore’s main East. The only differences are that Josh has a set of Suhr Aldrich pickups in his main axe, and the volume pot on his is almost right up against the bridge. This one I’m receiving just has stock, in-house pickups...
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Well, as of today, this thing is now mine. It has already been shipped off and is heading my way. I actually was even contemplating the idea of making a NGD thread here on the forum. I haven't done one of those in quite a few years now.
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    Richardson 7 vs Majesty 7

    This has been a very enlightening thread to read. I say that as someone who was kind of 50-50 on the fence about possibly getting a JR Signature Cutlass model in the distant future.
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    NGD Kiesel 7string Delos "Mr.Pink"

    I know it has about two weeks since I last commented on this thread, but I just had to come back so that I could check out the guitar again. :lol:

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