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  • Hey bro how have you been?
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    Soo long time has passed, many places and many more i have seen, mainly got caught in work and never had time for personal stuff, I got back to the forum for some questions and a NGD that I’m working on, but still a lot of water has gone unde the bridge...
    An electronical engineer thats good I bet your banking it. Man I'm glad its the weekend although I'm in Toronto DJ'ing tonight I'm still gonna party it up, what about you?
    So your life went from empty to really busy huh I know what you mean man. My year just went from nice and easy to busy and hectic spending most of time on an airplane going back and forth with very little down time. Have you had any time to just kick back at all?
    I had a surfing gig in Brazil a few weeks ago I'll be doing a lot of travelling this year in October I'm going to Tokyo thats the farthest I'm going. Other than that I'll be back and forth around the States and Canada right now I'm just keeping busy with work. What have you been up to?
    Well my other pedals dont give off a high pitch as for the gain I have different settings right now my gain is turned halfway.
    try to see if some other pedal do that kind of things too, if ather piece of gear behave the same way your problem is not the pedal, how much gain are you using?
    Yeah man it's like a high pitch humming do you really think it could be a ground problem? I was testing earlier and it picked up radio signals so now when I play I hear the radio through my amp and that should'nt be happening this pedals giving me all kinds of problems dude.
    Thanx for helping me out man I needed a second opinion, I just dont know why it makes a weird whistling sound the pedals brand new I thought it was my guitar cable but I bought a new one and that wasnt the problem Im thinking somethings wrong w/my amp:(
    I use a digitech death metal distortion pedal but it gives a weird buzzing sound I dont know why either. Do you know of any better distortion pedals? I'm trying new pedals for my dean razorback guitar
    Not much of a variety im guessing. My buddy was in milan recently he said the music was alright but everything else was great. I want to go to Italy i've been to Paris and London have you ever been to the States?
    Woa! thats a lot that you do sounds like fun right now I mainly play guitar but I can play bass and drums if I have to i'll take on the turntables. Im putting a band together its not bad here in L.A. hows the music scene in Italy? Lacuna Coil seems to be a hit.
    Dude its fair weather here in L.A. but I can go surf whenever after tiring days of work and school DJing at clubs I tire myself out so do my bandmates. What kind of music does your band play?
    Yeah bro I have to agree with you every girl deserves that. In my opinion Lindsay is hotter no contest I would date her any day.
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