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    "Don't Fret" Shop talk Podcast by Alex and Kris

    I'm curious what you found so objectionable in that episode? "Everyone" is a luthier, but not everyone is at the caliber Alex and Kris are.
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    What is distinctly different between Dimarzio, Seymour Ducan, BKP and Lundgren?

    The difference is philosophy. And that's the ultimately the difference between all builders.
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    NHL 2022-2023

    Glad they got Oettinger signed. Assuming they send Khudobin (or Wedgewood) to the AHL they've got around 7.5mil to sign Robertson with.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    Reports said Klingberg wanted a lot more from Dallas than he ultimately got in UFA, and Dallas also offered him more than he got, just didn't offer him the term he wanted. His agent really screwed up, not surprised he fired his agent.
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    How to make a 7 string noiseless pickup?

    Side by side coils for a hum canceling single aren't really a great idea, as there's a dead spot where the two coils cross. That's where the Z coil came from.
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    I put a ceramic magnet in a Pegasus

    Here you go:
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    What guitar pick do you use?

    I've found I really like this one:
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    Discussing Price Reductions with Luthier

    $400 isn't a lot of money, but luthiery already has low enough margins, that $400 off an already cheap build is quite a bit to the builder. It's hard enough to make money as a luthier :shrug:
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    Custom Pickup Covers?

    Margins. It's more worth my time to build a set of pickups with a custom cover than it is just to sell the cover.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    Tampa finally facing an actually good team in the final, says a lot.
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    Pickup not showing DC resistance but still works?

    That was my thought on initial reading of the thread.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    Calgary doing to Edmonton what they did to Dallas, only Dallas' goalie stood on his head. Edmonton is gonna get steamrolled if they don't get better team defense.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    I'd say a Razzie is more appropriate.
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    NHL 2021-2022

    Stars tied up the series 1-1 with a 2-0 win. Oettinger becomes the youngest goalie to record a playoff win in franchise history, as well as a playoffs shutout, at only 23 years old. He's only let in 1 goal on 55 shots in this series.
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    6 string pickup on a 7 string?

    So I can actually do this on my pickups testbed guitar. When I test 6 string pickups I align them so they're directly under the highest 6 strings, and they only pick up about half of the lowest string, it doesn't work great, but I'm not trying to pick that string up. If you center the pickup, I...