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Jun 14, 2016
    1. HighGain510
      Right on man, well I'm happy for you lefty folks! :wub: I absolutely love his trem, so much so that I ordered it for my third DeLuxe! :D I'm sure it's not done yet but I'm hoping it might have some caramel burst action on that koa by the time I head out there this weekend! :D

      Speaking of which, did you end up figuring out if you'll be able to come to the party at the shop on Sunday? :wub:
    2. HighGain510
      Oh snaps, I figured he had started the run FOR you! :rofl: Well, I guess maybe indirectly? :lol: ;) Yeah he just posted it earlier, I figured you knew already! :D Good to have an extra PRS lefty trem around I guess since they're hard to find as well, but that Thorn trem is one solid piece of brass, hard to beat that! :flex:
    3. HighGain510
      I assume you already heard, but Ron is doing a run of 12 lefty Thorn trems!!! :eek: Showing that lefty love! :wub:
    4. Stealthdjentstic
      Oh I know he'd do a 7, I was just wondering if you'd be interested in a run if i tried putting one together is all :lol:

      Wouldn't be for a while though as I'd like to try his guitars out first. Ill take the Vik and my friends Blackmachine down there and compare them :D
    5. Stealthdjentstic
      Im going to try and convince myka to do a 7 string solid body, but maybe with some chambering. You down?
    6. Stealthdjentstic
      :lol: @ Letchford
    7. soliloquy
      humm, i'm not sure about the 2005 one, but the 2010 was is fairly recent. that is rather strange. i wonder why they didn't make things right for you :s
    8. soliloquy
      when did you get your guitar? and what was wrong with it? maybe the new policy changed for them?

      again, i'm not doubting you, just curious

      i remember someone else had a knot in the neck, which was an option 50, non-returnable guitar. that was returned. i'm not sure if the owner got a refund or a rebuild as he hasn't posted since...
    9. soliloquy
      here you go.
      someone returned and got refunded for his option 50 guitar. so there are more than the one i was thinking of with the truss rod issue
      Carvin.com BBS :: View topic - option 50 with QC issue?
    10. Stealthdjentstic
      Excellent, excited for the final product!
    11. Stealthdjentstic
      Oh ok cool! I really wish Thorn did 7's, he has such a good rep its just a shame not to be able to order off of him :(

      What are the specs on your Oni?
    12. Stealthdjentstic
      Is your oni the other guitar thats done btw?
    13. Stealthdjentstic
      Same here, i think my swirl will be done this month depending on how long the powder coating takes/if it works out well.

      Ive been trying to wrap up a deal for a uv7pwh over the last 2 months as well but the guy is taking forever to get me a shipping quote. :/
    14. Stealthdjentstic
      Yeah Mountain Lion seems to be compatible with nothing and is very buggy, like moreso than win7. I am switching back to a windows machine soon anyways though. :p

      Btw I talked to Vik today and he said the 510's arrived at his dealers from Gotoh yesterday and they will be shipped to him soon. Aiming for completion by the end of the month. :woot:
    15. themike
      Yeah, thats what we figured but at least you know for sure. Sorry you're a lefty, buddy! hahaha :(
    16. Stealthdjentstic
      How do you enjoy macs so much? I've been using a pretty pimpin' Mac setup for a year now and nothing seems to work. I figure I must be retarded or something because all the guys I know that do software stuff for a living dig them :lol:
    17. themike
      If you did happen to want a lefty custom, I would hit up Brent from The Guitar Shop. Not only is he one of the worlds premier PRS dealers, but hes the best goddamn dude ever! haha He has 10 leftys in stock, some pretty special :

      The Guitar Shop - Featured Products
    18. HighGain510
      Sweeeeeet! :D Well give me a shout if it's looking like you can make it, that would be kickass man! :wub:
    19. HighGain510
      You're coming down to SoCal for the Thorn event on 1/27/13, right? :wub: I'm hoping so, think it would be cool to finally hang out and chat in person! :D
    20. HighGain510
      Ah that is an excellent point! That satin black SLS CS on eBay is not coming home to me for that very reason! :(
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