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Mar 3, 2018
Jan 12, 2009
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Lawrence, KS

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SS.org Regular, from Lawrence, KS

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Mar 3, 2018
    1. kittencore
      I've gotten that before. I think my name is just a coincidence, but i have a been to the El Torreon before. Pretty cool venue.
    2. skeletor88
      Haha thanks man! Pretty dumb shit really. I've posted a meshuggah cover and some other stuff on here too. I haven't put up anything in a while but I will soon hopefully. Cheers bro!
    3. skeletor88
    4. mattofvengeance
      That's awesome. It's been so long since I've been up there. We lived right by Mass when I was growing up. I can't remember how to get there, but the last time I visited, we went by the old house. I've got family in Topeka, so I may go up there soon. I was supposed to for my cousin's graduation, but I had a show in Louisiana.
    5. mattofvengeance
      I see you live in Lawrence. I was born there and lived there for about a year or so before moving here. I visited a lot when I was young and haven't been in awhile, so I really miss it. What part of the city do you live in?
    6. Xiphos68
      Yeah I'm not crazy about a low f# myself.
    7. Xiphos68
      Sweet dude! I was wondering how these new Schecters played. Played any of their 8 strings by chance?
    8. Xiphos68
      Hey, Dude
      That is one sick 7 string V guitar!
      How do you like it?
    9. caughtinamosh
      Cheers man, I thought as much. Yeah, I really like the look of the Aerodyne, but the price hike really puts me off. :( What pickups did you put in it?
    10. OrsusMetal
      You and I should jam sometime, fellow Kansan! I am in Overland Park, only a 30-ish minute drive. It would be awesome to finally meet some of the people off this site.
    11. djentleman7
      yo man cheers for that the rest is sounding pretty meat i have like 6 mins of riffs that need arranging so its kinda hard work but by this weekend i should have a couple of mins uploaded for you to hear
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    Lawrence, KS
    Primary Seven:
    Schecter Hellraiser V-7FR
    Primary ERG:
    MichaelKelly Patriot bari
    Other Guitars:
    Fender Aerodyne Jazz
    I would like a red flying V baritone with an inline reverse headstock

    amazingly enough, music...then videogames and useless crap