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  • If you haven't already, go check Engage's rep, he did indeed look at that thread at least twice :lol: (I picked a bad time to confuse "to" with "too")
    awww thats bullshit! what happened?! still stoked even to meet someone who inspired me to do taps ^^
    but yeah what happened man?
    dude I've been listening to your band since it first popped up on youtube lol
    love the stuff man! been hoping you guys would tour the south sometime so I could see ya'lls shows.
    hey I grew up in goderich on, you look eerily familiar, you ever been to goderich or hung out with anyone from there >?
    your band.... it blows my mind. you are what the current scene truly needs. i raise my horns for you \m/
    Damn rights that was me , you guys blew my freaking mind.

    I'm gonna talk to the local hot shot promottion team here , Prazma Entertainment , and try and coerce them to handling your next outing here to Prince George , sinc ethey could have easily brought 100 more kids to that show with there insane street team.

    Thanks for making the trip man!
    damn, son! that's how it's easy to see that i've been board lately - i swear i had 8K not long ago :(

    i can tell I've been on vacation/not doing anything, too much time on guitar forums! I've got 4, and i've been on all 4 constantly lol. i have over 25K at my first forum :eek:

    thanks for the heads up! im gonna not draw attention to myself though :lol:

    in other news, Kittens! have you looked yet?
    fuck man sorry about that post in the terrorhorse thread, a spammer posted above me so i said that then reported them. i guess it got deleted. no hard feelings?
    damn it!

    i was totally going to get him to buy zim's H (or is it an M?) 3-7 w/ 81-7/707's.

    ah well.

    friday should be sweet then!
    yo, i heard you guys on CHRW (i think) tonight, that was cool. Your recordings sound so much better with a good sound system than on my crappy computer headphones. We were listening to sleep terror and brain drill right before that and you guys honestly sounded better:yesway:

    Congrats on the air play. Can't wait for the halloween show, i've got the night off, so I'll definitely be checking it out.
    sweet, yeah i talked to marty for a bit at the show, and at the three show. nice guy. that gig he was talking about was weird.. we were the only metal band there :(

    i'll see if i can make it out to your halloween show. from what i've heard, you guys are really good.
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