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  • Yo Ed! How've you been bro? Haven't seen you post much on here in a while aside from the Anderson 7 thread. :( Was thinking about you the other day, do you still have my old XL R-EVO II? :D Still loving it? I have been missing it so if you're thinking about moving it along in the future let me know and I'll see what I can do to raise some funds! :wub:

    I'll be back up in PA for a while after my 2nd surgery, if you want we can try to find some time to hang out with Billy and I can bring my Oni for you guys to check out too. :yesway:
    Well the H&K sold finally and I'm going back to the Axe-Fx Ultra! :D How are you digging the Brunetti bro? That first one I had definitely had some magic to it but the one that you got sounded much better once I got those SEDs in there! :wub:
    I can make any size and shape just give me a refrence and I will do my best to reproduce your Ideal pick .I 've made a few now I have them 1 for 8.00$ or 3 for 20.00$ your call .
    So SofM is playing this Friday eh? I think I'll try to drive up and make the show! :D My Kiko Loureiro is waiting for me up in Philly already! :( Maybe we can hang out this weekend? :metal:

    Oh yeah, I just scored another Brunetti XL R-EVO II!!!! :flex:
    yeah i went to your myspace and found a good pic. you in a tuxedo.... j/k i will do it later today. what guitar do you want on the caricature?
    yeah thanks, but i wasnt to happy with the way it came out. i think i will do a redo later. theres a few that didnt come out like i hoped. if you got a good pic of you. because alot of them were so different.
    Yeah that's true, it's is a more traditional burst but that's what I was going for. :D We can't all have chameleon finishes on our guitars, plus you can NOT cover up such a gorgoeus piece of wood like that with solid paint! :eek: That would be like you taking that fretboard on your KXK and painting black over the whole thing! :rofl:
    "Safe and boring" eh? I'll show you safe and boring mofo!!! :squint: Hehe.... :wub: I'll have to try to find some time to ride up to the studio with the Sherman so you and Billy can check it out. OFR Piezo goodness!!!! :D
    i know!! the hall reverb is my favorite. i spend most of my time there. i've been meaning to get an expression pedal to try controlling the amount of pitch shifting/tremolo but i never think to buy one.

    i'm glad you dig it as much as i do :)
    hey dude i meant to ask you this awhile ago. did you ever buy that Electro Harmonix Holy Stain pedal? if you did, what do you think of it?
    Hey man I saw your bands myspace where can a buy a copy of your album? The merchandise is sick to.
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