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    Strandberg Boden Masvidalien Cosmo? How is it?

    I'd say if you like how it plays and liked the sound then go for it. Stranbergs seem to hold their value so if you decide you don't like it down the line you can sell it with no losses. I don't mind single hum guitars, even though I don't own one currently. I mainly play with the bridge pickup...
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    For The Office fans...
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    Has the pickups rabbit hole worked out for you?

    For some guitars it worked out, others I've changed multiple sets and still would not be happy with the sound. Those guitars were sold. I always try and find used pickups in good prices so I can resell them if I don't like them with minimal to no losses.
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    NGD ESP Gold Splatter

    When you want the violent raw look of blood splatter but you ain't no peasant! Kidding aside great looking guitar! I'm puzzled why the would not put the Fishmans as its a custom order but not sure if you spaced the build or bought it used/in stock!
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    OD and distortion pedals in front of high gains amps

    I've tried the classic Maxon OD808 and two more unconventional pedals as boosts, the TC Electronics Black Matter and the Boss MT-2. The OD808 has been the better choice so far to work well with most of the amps I've tried. I think the only amp I have only a small benefit using it is the Peavey...
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    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    Really late to the hype party but got a 7 string pair of Bare Knuckle Aftermaths with battle worn black covers for my Jackson DK7M for a really good price. It currently has a Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat in the bridge and the stock Seymour Duncan Distortion in the neck. I like the Distortion neck but...
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    Any love for Floyd Rose Bridges?

    Most of my guitars have some type of floating bridge and most of my guitars have them. I even find them superior to hard tails due to tuning stability and string gauge changes and tuning changes. It might no be as immediate as a hard tail to do a drop tuning or even change strings if a string...
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    Not a comment but I can imagine if there were comments on this one!
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    Explorer fans...Gibson may be granting your wish.

    That is going to be baaaaad for my wallet! I was considering saving up for a LP Standard Adam Jones but after this, it's an afterthought!
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    How it started vs. How it's going

    Super surprised that your first electric was a 7 string and kudos for going directly for that! And then the latest again being a 7 lol! The Schecter looks awesome and shame on you for not giving it some love. Unless it doesn't sits well with you and not loving the sound/feel.