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Sep 15, 2021
Dec 18, 2005
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Oct 17, 1970 (Age: 50)
Bowen Island, Canada
Professional Music Teacher since 1990

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prototyping..., 50, from Bowen Island, Canada

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Sep 15, 2021
    1. jack_cat
      Hey Durero: my new 9-str fanned classical is getting built.
      Jack's Fanned Fret 9-string Harp Guitar Project
      hoo ah -
    2. jack_cat
      let me try that again. Thanks for your encouraging feedback about the string lengths. I was up all night playing my cardboard cutout. :shred:

      I am dubious about the width of the fingerboard. My prototype was 68 mm or 2 & 5/8 inches a hair fat, at the nut; it was apparently not out of line with what other folks are using on ELECTRICS but I found it impossible for CLASSICAL and converted the prototype 9 to an 8. I am now working with a drawing with the fingerboard 80mm wide, or 3-1/8", and am considering whether to slim it down to 76mm or 3" even, which I think is the slimmest that I might find playable, giving an average 8.5mm from string center to center at the nut.

      more to come...

    3. jack_cat
      But you guys with electrics go much thinner than this, right? How do you manage, or is it just a question of getting used to it? I perceived the possibility of learning to deal with the close-set strings, but having a regular gig playing a guitar with regular classical spacing - which is what the 80mm would give me - made it impossible to switch back and forth and I passed a whole year of frustration with it before I packed it in and took the low F# string off of the prototype. Anyway, this is the point I am struggling with at this moment.

    4. jack_cat
      Hello Durero,
      I'm busy drawing my next nine string (F# B E A D g b e a ) fanned fret classical. As with last time, agonizing over the specs. Main fear: it will be too big to play! However, the prototype of two years ago at 22" to 26 & 3/4" was not too big to play and in fact gets a little tight in the upper frets. The low F# didn't sound - string too fat and made severe clicking sounds on the frets.

      Most optimum, I think for new fan may be 23-5/8" to 28-3/8" in terms of sound of the strings; this is still a 4-3/4 fan but an inch and a quarter longer overall.

      On the other hand, to reduce the fan I could go
      24-3/8 to 28-3/8 (which makes the high A string pretty maxed out)
      or 23-5/8 to 27-1/2, which makes the low F# only 3/4" longer than the previous which was unsatisfactory.

      Being an extremist, I want it all in terms of range!

      Have an opinion? Thanks.
    5. axiomIII
      could I get some help? here is the post...

      The Seven String Guitar Authority - SevenString.org
    6. jack_cat
      Hey Durero, Would you care to share your thoughts on your possible design of an extended range nylon string? I was thinking about an 8, and since exchanging posts with Ethereal Entity find that I am actually considering a fanned 9-string. Totally a acoustic classical thing, intend to use a condenser mic. I´m psyched and also a little freaked out - way out of the classical comfort zone here.

      - jack
    7. Erazoender
      Haha not by me, but possibly by Sam :)
    8. ElRay
      I thought Raven was DIY. Definitely looking forward to the results from your class.
    9. ElRay
      Busy day to day for posts. Here's another you might want to chime-in on: What Is Your Biggest Guitarist Habit Pet Peeve?

      There's a comment against singing the notes you're playing.

    10. ElRay
    11. ElRay
    12. John Strieder
      John Strieder
      Ligeti rules.
    13. Stealthdjentstic
    14. ixlramp
      Hi Leo! Just seen your message on my profile :cool:
      I just love your Raven 7 design, and even more now I know it's ultra-long scale.

    15. Stealthdjentstic
      No problem, I'm like an ERG RSS feed.
    16. Stealthdjentstic
    17. Stealthdjentstic
    18. Stealthdjentstic
    19. soliloquy
      hows it going?
    20. Stealthdjentstic
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    Oct 17, 1970 (Age: 50)
    Bowen Island, Canada
    Professional Music Teacher since 1990
    Primary Seven:
    Raven 7 - my design
    Main Rig:
    Axe-FxII, 2 Bose PAS
    Real Name:
    Leo Pedersen
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    Ergo10, Ergo9, StickBass8
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    1990 Ibanez UV7PW #361, Raven 7-string 31-fret 5 octave prototype with self-made multi-channel pickup system.
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    Ataraxia RG, Ergo 10, Ergo 9, Chapman StickBass 8, Steinberger TransTrem 6, Steinberger Bass TransTrem 4, Kubicki EX-Factor 4 Bass, Warmoth 6, Bunker 6, Raimundo Classical 6, Vincete-Sanchez Flamenco 6, Takamine Classical 6
    3x Fractal Audio Axe-FxII, 2x Bose PAS L1 Model2, Carvin TS100, Digitech VGS 2112 with 2120 mod, Digitech 2101LTD Gold with Control One, Digitech RP20, Korg Pandora
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    Palmer ADG 04 Speaker Simulator & Load Box
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    2x Bose PAS L1 Model 2 with B2's
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