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    Kemper rack vs head?

    There are some small differences in the layout of knobs and such, eg, USB in the front on the rack vs in back on the toaster, but the guts are the same. As a home player, I prefer the toaster for its portability and smaller physical footprint.
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    Keith Merrow leaves S7

    Never? Please. I'd ask you to list them, and then we'd take some time tearing down that myth piece by piece, but I'm not interested in taking shots at companies over issues that are inevitable.
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    Keith Merrow leaves S7

    Someone name a guitar maker that hasn't produced some bad pieces. All makers, even your favorite ultra-exclusive custom builder, have let fuck ups into the wild and will continue to do so. Perfection does not exist anywhere, with anything. Of course, it's the ratio of good to bad that...
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    NGD ESP Katana - Jesse Liu Signature

    Staffy Bull?
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    .strandberg* Guitars Production Line

    Friedman Naked. That one does not have the production shell though, so maybe a prototype or custom.
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    Death Magnetic Tone

    Whether it's their studio tone or their live tone, duplicating their sound is going to be impossible, due to the staggering amount of gear they use. For album tone, add studio magic on top of it. The best you can do is an approximation of the core tone with a subset of their gear. Here's a...
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    Axe Fx Ultra

    boom goes the dynamite! thanks man, i just ordered one.
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    Ed Roman...deceased???

    The guy died, leave him alone now; some of you are really being small and petty.
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    Need help choosing an amp for Lamb of God style tone 1k budget

    I have a III and a IV. The III is awesome and if I had to get rid of one I'd sell the IV, but I have no doubt that the IV will do the LoG tone better. I haven't played a V, but if it can nail the IV then that would be perfect as well.
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    Is Ibanez prestige Quality Hit or miss?

    I would listen to Rich, he knows Ibanez better than anyone. Otoh, if you buy from Rich, you have nothing to worry about. His setups are top notch.
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    Need advice! Need a monster for brutal death!

    Ishibashi has a sweet K7 for sale on the bay, and you'd have plenty of $ left over for new pickups if the stock ones aren't your taste.
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    Which MC?

    I prefer ATDs to MKRs, and reissues to originals if price is not a consideration. Taking mojo out of the equation, the reissues are just better made guitars. Improved specs + more modern technology + Fujigen = better, imho. That said, the reissues are ridiculously expensive and out of my...
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    NGD - S7G Cobra

    Ha ha, the headstock does seem to pretty polarizing. What can I say, I like it. The neck joint isn't uncomfortable for me. I have larger than average hands, maybe that's part of it. I have a JEM with a similar neck joint and another Ibanez with an AANJ - they all play the same for me.
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    NGD - S7G Cobra

    Here is my first seven, a Cobra from Strictly 7 Guitars. The spec highlights: 26' 3/16" scale black limba body rock maple neck macassar ebony fretboard stainless frets BKP Aftermaths in the neck and bridge The craftsmanship is excellent; it plays...
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    N7D Carvin DC747

    Great top, very nice. I've never played a koa, how does it sound?