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    Random Pics of Your Sevens

    yes and then he sold it off again along with all his ibanez when he switched companies recently
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    NGD Mimetic Polyalloy

    ESP SC Model in liquid metal finish . I’ve dubbed this guitar the T-1000 ( any T2 fans in the house) Big thanks to Nick at the Axe Palace for making this happen. This liquid metal finish has got to be one of the coolest finishes I’ve ever seen in person. Craftsmanship and quality is...
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    Show me your Ibanez LACS 7's (&6's) with Reverse Headstocks

    anymore info on this beautiful guitar? Thanks for sharing!
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    What Song Has Defined Your Playstyle?

    I remember seeing this video on headbangers ball and became obsessed with pinch harmonics and had no idea how they could make the guitar produce those squeelies!
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    Mayones Custom Thread

    My Duvell Elite
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    Show Your LACS Collection

    ryan knight (ex the black dahlia murder) and rusty cooley
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    RGD2127Z tuning and string gauge suggestions?

    I run 10-52 with a 70 on top for my RGD’s in drop G. Super comfy balance of tension imo!
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    Favorite odd shape guitar

    Meshuggah’s Nevborn Sleipner models
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    NGD Kiesel 7string Delos "Mr.Pink"

    Great color, wicked specs, congrats on the amazing new guitar!
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    Your main guitar

    Hard to beat the metal machine!