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  • Hey dude,

    I did actually! I've seen them live and they're excellent. I'm certain they'll go very far if they work at it.
    Haha, yeah, I've seen Sanktuary play a couple times, they do their 80's thrash worship thing pretty well. I'm good friends with the sister of one of the guitarists.
    Heh, I dunno if I'd call Terrace and Whitehorse 'close', but it's certainly a lot closer than most places. Cheers mate. :wavey:
    I haven't listened to it yet, I'm waiting t'ill it releases in August.

    Watch it go completely unnoticed by this forum too :rolleyes:
    Man , i know nothing and no one from Terrace! haha , sorry i can't be of much help , but good luck to ya man!
    Actually , i'm pretty much best friends with their guitar player , Jeremy. The entire band is full of awsome dudes.
    I can't think of a better picture to throw up, haha.

    Yeah, I would have liked to have kept it in the SS circle. Now I don't know where it's off to. :(

    I was hoping you were going to get it.
    Would you expect any less?

    Yeah, going strong. We've actually got a bass player now, and I'm doing the vocals as well as guitar. I'm happy with it.

    Nice collection of guitars you've got there (just seeing your album to the right) :)
    Nope. Didn't happen. Won't happen. Anyway, even if it did, and you happened to click on the "Artist Reviews & Interviews" forum and find it listed there and read it and enjoy it and deposit countless thousands into my bank account I still wouldn't let you because you have a dumb face and you smell:squint:

    :lol:That's a yes. Enjoy!
    I was like, why are you in the woods? But then I realized, you're in Canada :scott:
    No luck as yet, I was going to purchase a Dellinger 7 off a guy on the Caparison forum, but he sold it to someone in the US which is fair enough...
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