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Jul 24, 2019
Mar 15, 2008
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Vancouver BC, Canada
Musician, Baker.

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Incognito Alchemist, from Vancouver BC, Canada

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Jul 24, 2019
    1. TMM
      Not a lot, working to record a solo album. How are you doing?
    2. Stealthdjentstic
    3. Stealthdjentstic
    4. Unknown Doodl3.2
      Unknown Doodl3.2
      Augury is local for me. So I've been lucky enough to see them 7-8 times now :P
    5. ZeroSignal
      Hey dude,

      I did actually! I've seen them live and they're excellent. I'm certain they'll go very far if they work at it.
    6. DeanLamb
      Hey thanks dude! I appreciate the comment!
    7. Xaios
      Haha, yeah, I've seen Sanktuary play a couple times, they do their 80's thrash worship thing pretty well. I'm good friends with the sister of one of the guitarists.
    8. Xaios
      Heh, I dunno if I'd call Terrace and Whitehorse 'close', but it's certainly a lot closer than most places. Cheers mate. :wavey:
    9. Unknown Doodl3.2
      Unknown Doodl3.2
      I haven't listened to it yet, I'm waiting t'ill it releases in August.

      Watch it go completely unnoticed by this forum too :rolleyes:
    10. ire_works
      Man , i know nothing and no one from Terrace! haha , sorry i can't be of much help , but good luck to ya man!
    11. eegor
    12. ire_works
      Actually , i'm pretty much best friends with their guitar player , Jeremy. The entire band is full of awsome dudes.
    13. ire_works
      Greetings comrade!!!
    14. OrsusMetal
      I can't think of a better picture to throw up, haha.

      Yeah, I would have liked to have kept it in the SS circle. Now I don't know where it's off to. :(

      I was hoping you were going to get it.
    15. Unknown Doodl3.2
      Unknown Doodl3.2
      Yeah man, Augury rules! The new album is gonna slay and its coming out July 17th :)
    16. TMM
      Would you expect any less?

      Yeah, going strong. We've actually got a bass player now, and I'm doing the vocals as well as guitar. I'm happy with it.

      Nice collection of guitars you've got there (just seeing your album to the right) :)
    17. DDDorian
      Nope. Didn't happen. Won't happen. Anyway, even if it did, and you happened to click on the "Artist Reviews & Interviews" forum and find it listed there and read it and enjoy it and deposit countless thousands into my bank account I still wouldn't let you because you have a dumb face and you smell:squint:

      :lol:That's a yes. Enjoy!
    18. TMM
      Way to respond in a timely manner :rolleyes:
    19. TMM
      I was like, why are you in the woods? But then I realized, you're in Canada :scott:
    20. progmetaldan
      No luck as yet, I was going to purchase a Dellinger 7 off a guy on the Caparison forum, but he sold it to someone in the US which is fair enough...
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    Vancouver BC, Canada
    Musician, Baker.
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez Rg7420
    Main Rig:
    Ampeg VH 140C
    Real Name:
    Opus Arise and Electric Sky
    Primary ERG:
    Chapman Stick.
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez RG7420 (One Red, One Gray)
    Other Guitars:
    Yamaha Classical, Douglas Acoustic, Ibanez SR506 Bass, Brice Z6 Fretless Bass, Washburn Taurus Fretless Bass, 12 String Grand Chapman Stick.
    Ampeg VH 140C Head


    GK Mark II 1001 RB Head
    Hartke 4x10 115XL
    Effects & Pedals:
    Boss Metal Zone, Mega Distoration, Super Chorus and DD3.
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Fender FM100H, Harke 4x10 115XL
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Edirol UA-4FX, Snowball Mic.
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Yamaha Keyboard, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass.
    Music, Martial Arts, Writing.