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Don Vito
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  • Touhou? Easier? Like, how much more on crack can anyone be, those reflexes and that precision are the stuff of deeply philosophical cyberpunk anime already. :lol:

    I'm currently at home in Montreal, although before that I went to Alberta (ironic, I know :lol:) to visit my family for a little roadtrip with them. I start school next week, too, so I'm trying to NEET as much as I can before that happens.
    Hahaha like Touho?! Man, I played that game once, and the scars it left still bleed from time to time. That .... melted my face and made my eyes explode. It looks like so much fun when you know how to play it, but I just don't understand how a human could ever become good at such chaos. Also, good on you for going to school! Out of curiosity, at which level and focusing on what?

    Well, I haven't touched a guitar in a month, so I pretty much suck too. My anime bug came back with a vengeance, and I actually feel kind of bad about it. :lol: I'm on vacation, too, so I haven't been doing much else that's not anime related. :lol: I also had visitors at home until fairly recently, so I neglected my karate classes for a while, but I'm ready to go back to them now, so I think I'll go back to that this weekend. I feel kinda bad saying it, but it feels like it's filling a hole in my soul that was left by my interest in guitars leaving me.
    Braaaahh sup with life? You play guitar anymore, or is it all a weebfest now? For me, it's definitely the latter. :lol: Too much weebing, not enough guitaring.
    Yeah, Rocco has a mysterious, comforting aura. Also, cinnastix ftw (although I've never had them...). I guess, it's time to stop this chit chat as I go to bed. Glad to talk to you again. Good night. :metal:
    >that's why i stopped coming to steam

    For real? I thought I was just too obnoxious. Damn, I feel like an ass right now... Sorry.
    I honestly would have like 10k keksis by now but I've spent about 1,6k on CSGO and a sh*t ton on other useless crap like effect pedals and a new computer monitor. I guess government pays for me being a student but I have no idea how that works.
    Computer science... Tbh, even I don't have better idea of it than that it's programming and sh*t. I didn't get into that game development school I tried to get into last year but this one is pretty much the same "line" but not so vidya oriented. GJ for Obama. I have no idea how I'm going to afford my living as I've spent all my work savings on alcohol and CS cases (still haven't even got that new pc yet, kek).
    You're going to college too? Neat. :cool: At least you'll probably get a job. With my future degree it's pretty much impossible to get a job but whatever. I'll just get back to delivering newspaper again. :lol:
    Yeah, I've been playing CSGO with him lately and he seems really nice. He's one of the tutors (literally my senpai, kek) and even offered to buy me an absinthe shot in a bar when we meet because it's a traditional drink of the computer science students.
    It sure is... For example (hardly an example), I'm enrolling into a same school with the CoB forum/underground resident evil forum/serverbot guy next month.
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