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Don Vito
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  • Varg confirmed for reading the Cob megathread.

    Speaking of Varg, I just made a character looking like him in Skyrim. I hope there is a mod which allows me to use brutal stone age technology to slaughter my enemies.
    Of course I did! Pls, rember my hapy day. ;_;

    Btw, the latest Watamote chapter was pretty good. I liked how they talked about furries.
    Happy b-day! I have fever today but I'm still going to the local pub tonight to solemnize the day. :leon:
    Jesus, seeing the Revenant in that gif almost come out of the screen nearly gave me a heart attack. :lol: You don't know how many nightmares I had as a 7-year old as a result of my PC at the time having a pre-installed freeware version of Doom 2. I would see Revenants and Barons of Hell in my dreams, and I would hear the horrible screeches they made as they died, and the disgusting animation of a Mancubus disintegrating and then being reanimated by a nearby Archvile. As much as I absolutely adore Doom, sometimes it will randomly trigger bouts of sheer terror in me. :rofl::ugh: I have no idea how my parents ever let me play Doom, but not Mortal Kombat. :lol:
    It's done! Though I don't really use Steam much, tbh. Still though, I'll stalk you there if I ever get bored of SSO kek
    Ohaio, funnily, last night was probably the first one in months when I went to the bed before midnight because I was sick. :sick:
    Even the Finnish news said that there's some really bad storms in Alabama. R u okay? ;_;
    Hey, don't wanna derail the thread, but in reply to your post:

    I haven't noticed a change in my caffeine intake, but I was already reducing it, and I'm not vaping with nicotine. Nicotine might help reduce caffeine, but as stated, it may mean replacing one addiction with another. Dunno what works for you, but nic-free and caffeine being limited to one Monster coffee per day has worked for me.

    It's also reminding me that 1-2 small meals isn't ideal, and that drinking water doesn't have'ta be boring.
    (Was eating a bit of jerky for breakfast, and one bowl of ramen in the afternoon. Not good. :ugh:)

    Long and relatively useless post just to say:
    I think it's fun, and it's helped me work towards being healthier, good luck with your caffeine reduction. :)
    Well, keep your headspace sane so you can animu yourself a good while over Winter break. Also, I've been thinking for a while now that maybe we should do another group viewing some time soon. I got a new laptop back in January, and it is A LOT more capable than the one I had before, so perhaps I could even host it.
    Oh no haha how come? Is it school? If so, don't worry, it gets better. It doesn't get any easier, but it gets better:

    ‘Don Vito’ Dead: ‘Jackass’ Star Vincent Margera Dies of Organ Failure | Variety

    May he and his abacus live on in infamy.
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