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Feb 27, 2021
Mar 15, 2010
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Twin Falls, Idaho

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DMONSTER Dweller, from Twin Falls, Idaho

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Feb 27, 2021
    1. riffy
    2. riffy
    3. brutalwizard
      This is yours right?? Ibanez 7 String RG7621 (upgraded pickups)
    4. Nmaster
    5. brutalwizard
      going to this show in twin today?? KING CONQUOR // BERMUDA // IN DYING ARMS // LAST TEN SECONDS OF LIFE // DESERTERS // ROSE FUNERAL | Facebook
    6. MF_Kitten
      Haha thanks! i have used Redwirez impulses for a good while, but i've made my own impulses that i use now, just to have a unique sound that's "mine".

      Rivera K212/v30 impulses! by MF_Kitten on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free here are demo tracks of each impulse, and the download link :)
    7. MF_Kitten
      Hey, thanks man! My setup is nice and simple: guitar into POD HD500, plugged into a firewire interface with a digital SPDIF connection. I record in Logic, where i use Redwirez impulses and S2.0 with Metal Foundry. I have Fostex monitors and Sennheiser headphones that i use to mix.

      I have been making my own impulses with my Rivera cab and condenser mic lately though, which i'll be using for some stuff :)
    8. xCaptainx
      Bit too early to tell what I prefer to be honest, I've got a show througha huge p.a tonight which will be cranked so I'll be able to have of an idea then :) The Matrix sounds amazing though, I still love it! :)
    9. xCaptainx
      Hey bro! REally enjoying the Matrix, sounds much more organic than the Rocktron. Highly recommended. Went for SS as the 1U size, and weight, is a huge selling point for me. That and the only tube ones I would want are something like the mesa 50:50 and that costs A LOT in NZ.
    10. oliviergus
      Heya! I can't compare it to a tube power amp or to be honest, any power amp.
      But I think it sounds good for the price, its very transparent. Altough ive heard some humming from it. But its definitely loud enough for rehearsing with it, and with that said its good for playing live at smaller venues also, even big venues I think.
    11. Larrikin666
      It's totally working for me right now. It sounds good with my QSC K10s that the other guitarist uses. Plenty of volume on stage, but it still sounds good at bedroom levels.
    12. Toshiro
      Well, I never ran it with the 6505+, because I was the middleman buying that that amp for a friend of mine. I used the Weber with the Laney, because that amp was ridiculously loud. It works very well, but it does affect the high and lows a little bit.

      It's a good unit, and made that amp usable at volumes that wouldn't get me evicted. :lol:
    13. broj15
      no worries man. i was planning a trip to guitar center to try out some head/ cab combinations this weekend. But thanks for the advice nonetheless.
    14. broj15
      i was wondering if you had any test clips with the 5150 and that mesa cab?
    15. Guitarman700
      Yep, gonna take em in a bit, just got home from running errands.
    16. xCaptainx
      Thanks man! MTE is in Drop B :)
    17. TimSE
      :lol: i wondered if it was a SSO member ;) got 2 tracks up now if you want them. for download
    18. RandoozleXxX
      Sweet man! Im gonna have to get my hands on one. I've got the regular decimator and I would have to say the same about it except for when you try and play something really tight on a high gain amp for a fraction of a second theres a little bit of a ringing sound, it's hard to explain.

      Hey imma add you if thats cool i basically live in idaho
    19. RandoozleXxX
      Hey what the G string Decimator like compared to the regular one man???
    20. brutalwizard
      hey i am trying to add all the idaho members haha so i am going to add you....
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    Twin Falls, Idaho
    Primary Seven:
    Main Rig:
    EVH 5150iii
    Real Name:
    Serpens Cauda
    Primary ERG:
    Agile Intrepid 830
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    ESP LTD Alex Wade 7
    Other Guitars:
    Dean Dime-o-Flauge
    EVH 5150iii
    Line 6 Pod HD500
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Avatar Contemporary 4x12
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Line 6 Pod HD500
    I like geetars.

    Music :)