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  • That rules man, thanks. Sadly PRS doesn't wind any 7 string pickups yet so I was looking for a good aftermarket option and they seem to be what I want. Probably going to drop some in an hot rodded SE-7 haha
    I saw you weren't digging the Nazgul - you think the Pegasus would take care of that issue? I'm on the fence about grabbing a set.
    I just noticed you have 112(!) iTrader ratings and felt compelled to let you know you're kind of a whore :lol:
    Yes it is! I was really scared about not being able to play ever again , but now I'm happy I had it done! Hand is about 85% healed and I can play again so I only see my playing being better than it has been in years!
    My PM box is completely full and I don't feel like clearing it out right now so I'll just leave the info here:

    Who did the work: My buddy Larry sprayed it for me, he is excellent and very easy to work with.
    How much did it cost: No idea, he actually ended up gifting the job to me as a wedding present (yet another testament to how cool a dude he is! :D).
    Is he trustworthy: Absolutely. He's sprayed a bunch of guitars for folks on a few other forums as well and I've never seen a single complaint about either working with him or the final product. ;) If you are SERIOUS about having him spray it and you have the money ready and the idea all set, let me know and I'll get you his contact info, but if you're not 100% set on it and sure you want to do it I don't want to start sending folks his way eating into his time going back and forth with a ton of emails and no sale as he's SUPER-busy between his full-time job and spraying these guitars on the side. :lol:
    Hey man, you seen any sweet baritone scales for sale recently? Gonna put in a Mayones Baritone order I think otherwise.
    I'll let you know when I get it :lol:

    That said in general a bit rounder and warmer with a lot of clarity. The guitar is basically going to be used for jazzy stuff, so it should work out well.
    Might have been. He did tell me they were working on it but gave no indication of when it would actually happen. Im going to EMG to pick up my yearly two free pickups this week actually and will ask/bug them about it and let you kn ow what type of answer I get
    Got the pickups and they look great bro, thanks! If you get a chance don't forget to leave feedback, I just did yours. ;)
    Yeah its been a long time! Been working on building a Jeep and also having problems with my hands(carpel tunnel) and not being able to play very well. Going to get surgery on my hands soon and I will be jamming again in no time flat. Having pain,cramping,and numbness in my hands made me pissed and not wanting anything to do with guitars but now I have found my second light and gonna get my hands fixed and playing again!

    BTW - Sweet Jackson 7!
    They're cool, but that was back in the early 90's hahahahahaha. Just get an Axe-fx and be done with it:yesway:
    They are going to seem long only if you think about it! Thats why you pay this off as fast as you can and forget about it. And by X-mas this year we will have a very awesome gift coming to us!!!Hopefully sooner though!
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