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Mar 30, 2007
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Jun 23, 1974 (Age: 47)
Phoenix, AZ

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djohns74 Regular, Male, 47, from Phoenix, AZ

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Jan 17, 2022 at 5:54 PM
    1. soldierkahn
      KnightBrolaire reccommended you for custom necks, so I was wondering if you still made them?
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      2. Sullen
        Being wondering the same. His products were top notch!
        Dec 11, 2021
    2. twist3d7
      Hi. I don't kno if u still do custom work but if u r I'm looking for a RG 7620 neck. Mine broke and Ibanez won't help me. If u do is there any way to do it in a 5 piece maple bubinga roosewood jumbo fret with either the K7 neck or the original 7620 measurements??
    3. Chilean rager
      Chilean rager
      I'm looking for a neck replacement in my RG7321 with a 28.625”, if you have the time please contact me [email protected]
      Hope to hear from you soon!
    4. skeels
      Hey Dave! I just wanted to say hi! Hope you're doing good-I see you've been keeping busy- that flying V is bad agent man! Love it! Keep the faith and shoot me a note some time!
    5. a curry
      a curry
      I was told to check you out I am looking to have a s series neck through 27" scale guitar built I was wondering if you could do that and what the price would be. The specs would be quilt maple top, blue burst, birds eye maple fret board, 5p maple Koa neck, and the headstock reversed esp nt7 style. If its possible then I will go into hardware details. Thanks
    6. trhshred
      I was wondering what it would cost for a custom neck to be made. I'm building a body from scratch and wanted a neck to compliment it. Just a 25.5" 7 string neck would do me fine, basically a Wizard III standard in every respect except one: the neck pocket. It would be great to get it pretty deep, as in under the neck pickup.
    7. Pykwix
      I am looking for a 28.5" 7 string guitar neck to get my neck replaced. If you could tell me more about what is possible and if it is possible for you tu do something, please contact me [email protected]
      Thanks you
    8. daniloe86
      Hey there, I have been looking for a replacement neck for my RG7621. The neck snapped off in a car accident and ever since I have been looking for a replacement but to no avail. Folks are asking serious change for these necks in not so great condition with all the hardware stripped from them and such.

      I loved what you did with those scale conversion necks and was wondering if you would be interested in doing another project if you don't have many other things in the works. I 'm not looking for anything too exotic. I think the stock maple necks that were originally on these guitars were great. I'd love a reverse headstock and maybe scale the guitar a little longer for some more tension in that low B. Message me if you would be interested. Thanks.

      Danilo, [email protected]
    9. Daken1134
      hey would you be able to do a mockup for me or suggest someone who can
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    Jun 23, 1974 (Age: 47)
    Phoenix, AZ
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    Custom Multiscale
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    Line 6 Pod HD500
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    Custom 28" 8 string