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  • I love the tone you've got... what's your guitar like? What are the woods and pickups? Inquiring minds want to know! :D
    cheers man its intended to be the end of like an eight minute track i am working on so i made it a bit more intense to end the track, i am trying to faster bits as well cos i have 6 mins of riffs that just groove there is nothing yet which is pacey
    cheers man! possibly July with the Arusha Accord, not sure yet. really like your track man, the clean part is a bit too much like Tesseract/Monuments without the grooves underneath but apart from that all good!
    ah cool that's where my gf lives! still need to check your stuff out on myspace dude, can't atm coz I'm at work but I defo will when I get home.
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