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  • The model I used was the 100W Pittbull Ultra-Lead model, which is much more powerful. The 50W is good though and should cut through fine, but the key with that amp is turning the mids up pretty high. They sound terrible scooped. Also active pickups definitely hinder some of the definition of the amp. The best thing other than the pickups would be to ensure its EQ'd properly (usually I'd set mine with lows at about 4, mids at 7, highs at 5, to boost the front end of the amp with something like an MXR GT-OD or Ibanez Tube Screamer to tightens things up, and to ensure you have high quality tubes in there. I recommend JJ tubes.

    still though, its a 100W amp vs a 50W amp, so it isnt exactly a fair fight.
    The EMG's sounds great, actually. They're actually a bit darker than I expected, but really anything is better than the Blaze! I have a Jackson RR24 with an EMG 81 in the bridge and the 81-7 just sound fuller, with more bass than I'm used to with EMGs.
    For $300, it's a great bass. Heavy as fuck (heavier than my 1978 Precision, and that thing is a boat anchor) but it sounds good, is very versatile, and quite comfortable. Goes from P Bass to Stingray to kind of a scoopy aggressive sound even before you start playing with the 3-band EQ.
    dude I totally would, it sounds kickass. Its just really impractical to carry it to practice or something cause it weighs a ton and cannot be racked with my axe-fx ultra even if I removed the speaker and sold the combo shell. But I'm gonna do a Mark III, IV, V mic-ed shootout into my 2x12 soon, so hold on for that! :D
    Hey bro,. are you in the UK? I can't work out how to get to your profile. Me and computers don't mix. LOL!
    its two 500 watt halogen work lights wired up to two separate momentary switches, there are two types of momentary switches usually open and usually closed i actually forget at the moment which type we used i guess it depends on if the light has a button to turn on or off im shmackked right now too so i forgot haha
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