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      I like the way you put that about that God is not limited to time. I tell people all the time, it may be hard to understand, but God is in eternity it's self. For Him, every instant of time is at the same time. He doesn't even have to do anything because the future is right where he is...if that makes sense...lol. Which also makes something else make sense to me as well...This is kind of just my theory. The Word says that to absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Well, then what happens to everyone that dies before judgement day? I think that since at that moment you enter into eternity, and since time doesn't have a hold on you, everyone that dies before that day is immediately sent to very moment. I know... sounds a little weird... like time travel, but seems like it would make sense to me.lol. What do you think?
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