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  • Hi Keith,
    what is the best way to learn how to play the type of music that you play and record? I am an older dude getting back into playing after 35 years of not. During my teen years played lead and rhythm in a Led Zeppelin cover band. I now have an 8 and 7 and 6 string guitars as well as a 12 and 6 string acoustic. I am still relearning though. I have really been following you and Ola and Jeff and Wes a good bit on your playing.

    Thanks for being the straw that broke the camel's back on my decision to get a seven. I have never had so much fun in all my years of playing since I picked mine up.
    Hey man, I know you're a user of Presonus StudioOne...

    Have you seen the new features list :O

    Pro Tools eat your heart out!
    Damn bro, that Demisery is awesome. Killer licks man, listened to it about 4 times straight through since you sent the digital copy. Tracks 6&7 are my favorites so far.
    Keep up the great work, its refreshing to hear some true old school style metal nowadays.
    What's your top picks track wise for the album?

    Later, Michael
    What about this Sickness In September fest at the Red Room? Can you recommend anybody who is playing? I want to go once this weekend, but I have no idea when I should.
    hey keith, im looking for advice and seeing as how you are a bkp artist i thought youd be a good person to ask. i play a suhr modern(alder body quartersawn maple/maple neck) i play melodic death/thrash/progy tech stuff. my amp situation is an engl e530 into a peavey classic 60/60 through a krank 1x12(uprgrading that to a larger cab soon). i am torn between the cold sweat(plus i LOVE that song) and the aftermath based on the clips on the site. any advice?
    Hey man... stunning work! I'm playing hell trying to pick your songs off... haha. Keep it up none the less and thanks for the awesome tunes! oh, and good luck / congrats with Chris from LoG... one of my favorites!
    Hey Keith. I know you have been having problems with your Axe FX and your Profire, but besides that, what do you think of the Profire? I see that you use the Studio One software as well. Are there any significant drawbacks compared to the "big name" DAWs?

    Thanks man, I hope to see some more of your vids soon!
    hey dude.....i thing you should take a look on this BE OUR GUITARIST - VIATROPHY - R.I.P. LAST EVER TOUR IN APRIL's MySpace Blog |
    yeah as a matter of fact an hour after i messaged you i found your videos again. I do have a question for you relating to your guitar work and I apologize if you get this question frequently; did you study music theory and apply it to guitar or did you learn by ear? or a mix. I ask because I notice how you are all over the neck when you play without relying too much on the 7th string because too many guitarists treat a 7 like a 7nth string guitar instead of a 7 string guitar.
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