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Fossicker, from Houston, TX

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Apr 12, 2016
    1. DevourTheDamned
      im sorry man i just dont have the time to do extra stuff like that right now, im extremely busy with just life matters in general, plus right now i have freaking pneumonia >.<
      but noone bought it just fyi, the guy back out like a butthead :/
    2. Sonofthe7thSign
      If you are unloading it tomorrow I was wondering if it wasnt too much trouble for you to do a quick rubdown of the neck and send it to me ??? a long sheet of paper and a crayon would work. I really want to build one and having a template of the neck fret multi scale would give me a great starting point. after all there arent alot of these floatiing around. any help is aprreciated thanx again j
    3. Sonofthe7thSign
      still interested in your guitar. I understand if you weary being that im new to the forum. ive been a lurker on this site for some years now. I am FINALLY making the switch over to 7 strings and I thought I should get on board. Anyway if your not interesed in trade thats cool I am trying to sell off some gear so whenever that acualy happens I would LOVE to buy your guitar. thanx. j
    4. Adam
      Here's a old vid of me using said strings on my 25.5" 8 string, back loading:
      YouTube - 8 string High A Vibrato and bending+more
      you can see that bending even more than a half step often is no issue, it's all about the pathways on your instrument being clear and smooth, as any obstructions or rough areas will cause the strings to become damaged. His newer strings tune up to A4 as fast as a normal E4 string does on 25.5" instruments now, but are limited to certain gauges. Ask him to make sure you get the right ones. I have been using these strings for almost 4 years and have never experienced any issues except tuning to A4 on my 30.2" scale 11 string. What instrument are you planning on using them on?
    5. Tristoner7
      No prob, dude.
    6. Tristoner7
      Hey, Just checking to see if you wanted that Hellraiser 7.
    7. musicman2879
      How are you fairing man??? We got power yesterday and net tonight at 9
    8. jays23
      do you have some pic of it? It interest me. Is-it the floyd rose version? Do you accept paypal?

    9. OrsusMetal
      Haha that rep below about your art is from me. I'm really tired and realized I didn't sign it after I hit post. :lol:

      But seriously, your art is awesome.
    10. musicman2879
      Plays great man... I will be happy when i can play fast again...
      The action is great. All i did was take off the wore out DR strings and put on some 56/10 Slinkys and man it sounds great. While i had the strings off i took my buffer and buffed the whole guitar. it has 3 little dents on the front of the lower horn. they kinda look like the ones in between your pickups.
    11. musicman2879
      what up man??? Just jammin the Hellraiser!!!
    12. musicman2879
      whats up man?? I am sitting here getting nervous!! This dude hasn't emailed me, called me or anything. He was supposed to send me more pics of the hellraiser last night ,but still no word. If he dont contact me soon, the wife is going to contact her foot to my ass.
    13. StarStormer
      search Ariel Pagan on facebook
      you look so much like I used to :P
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