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  • Actually, hearing that reminds me, I actually mic'd a bass drum with it once...

    It's actually pretty good.

    Glad you're getting use out of it. I've used it so little I can't remember what I used it for :lol:
    Haha, i've been meaning to ask you if you've used that mic yet. It's a real transparent mic, I dug it when I had it (for the little while I had it).

    The guitar is my Schecter A-1 Damien Avenger, the best damn 6 stringer i've ever owned!


    Is yours all metal? Mine has a metal bottom and a plastic covering on top, I haven't had any issues out of mine yet and I've had it for a while.

    I don't know a whole lot about mics, but condenser mics must be phantom powered and as far as I know the inspire does not provide phantom power.
    I'll have to think of a price...I'm actually leaning more towards getting a Rocktron Intellifex.

    If you get a wireless system get an X2 or similar, digital wireless seems to be the way to go.
    Cool, an amp like that should get you where you want to be. I questioned your pedal idea because I think that since you're going for a rack setup you might want to look into something like a T.C. Electronics G Major, or a Rocktron Intellifex, much cleaner and more simple.

    The bloody murder IIRC is around $150, I use just that and it's replaced my TS9. But, a modded TS9 done by Joe would probably sound just as good, it's basically the same stuff.
    So are you going to use a regular head, or have a rackmounted pre/power setup? And why run pedals?
    Well, if you want a rack setup think it through thoroughly. What do you want out of a rack rig? Do you want to go fully rack mounted? What kind of effects will you need? What kind of pedal board setup will you need? What are your space limitations? (it's good to set a goal here).

    Ask yourself those questions, I can help you get something set up.
    I actually haven't recorded anything yet, I'm still trying to learn to use the synths, drum machines, sequencers and all that stuff :lol:

    It's simple though, it's got firewire and RCA jacks on the back for input l/r and output l/r and two 1/4" jacks on the front for guitar, it comes with a little mixer program too.
    Thanks dude, I like to try and keep people entertained :) was probably true anyway :D
    I didn't notice your message until now. Anyway, the answer is Bosphorus - Ferit Series.
    If you can find one you should try it out. They're really fun cymbals and they sound godly.
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