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  • Yea man Jamming would be awesome. And I'm not as much a shredder as you probably think lol. More the catchy riff guy with melodic solos :p What string gauge are you looking for? I have a bunch of extra strings that are gauges i don't use anymore. I can give you some if I got what you want.

    BTW Do you have msn or aim or something? This isn't a very efficient mode of communication :p
    Nice! what kind of speakers you got in your legacy? I got an avatar with Eminences for my XXX. And btw I went to the in n out on 111 today ROFL.
    No I've lived here since I was like 7, but I'm moving back to Akron in the Spring. Wanna buy a house, I'll trade it for a Music Man 7 String? LOL
    was gong through my thread and realized you told me to keep you posted about new videos. YouTube - joeandkevinsong2 enjoy, and spread the word! =)
    You are going to love that Single Rec if you get it then. Best of luck with that by the way. I'm going to try and downgrade to one also. My triple is just too much.
    hey man! yeah, you really can't go wrong with the Avatar contemporary stuff. i always wanted to have an Orange 2x12 after playing my amp through one, but seriously, the avatar is built exactly the same and sounds just as great! plus, its WAY cheaper.
    Pull off the jack plate and look inside at what speakers are in there. Is yours a Legacy cab?
    In my opinion I would do the avatar dude!

    Seriously.. so much better than a straight up vader v30 cab.
    The v30 is flubby by nature. The WGS ones are better, but still not perfect. More than enough for most people though.

    Unfortunately there are some sounds that are just some sounds that are just really hard to get without V30s like any of A Life Once Lost's sounds from A Great Artist and up or I just wouldn't bother with them at all.
    thanks, but i dont do much art these days. if you snd me a pic or a drawing of what you want i would do a small sketch but im not really an artist.
    It was already re-housed when I bought it about a year back. At quite a fair price too, I must say. Your gear is a whole different ballpark from mine, in the best way possible, reps!
    well you got your V30's, CL80's, WGS equivalents, and Eminence.

    take yer pick, there's plenty o' threads.
    Marvin, dude! Vicer Exciser is a great fuckin song, best one i think off The Somatic Defilement :yesway:
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