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  • Haha yeah I know what you mean.
    I'm GAS'ing real hard for either a 5150II/6505+ or a Trem-O-Verb to run in stereo with the Windsor.
    It doesn't even open up until about 4 on the MV.
    I have used it for two practices though, not a live setting yet. But it's phenomenal in the mix.
    hey man, i picked up a MXR Micro Amp for the end of the pedal board i just had built for me. I cant imagine how i played without it before. soooo soooo useful. i have 12 pedals sucking the signal down and the MXR puts it back right where its supposed to be. recommended for absurdly large boards.
    Heres what I just posted in the thread. Best I can really explain it. Hope this helps:

    I'd say the EMTY is a bit tighter, more like an EMG 81, but the mids are different. To me, there seemed to be a bit of a spike in the upper mids somewhere between 800hz and 1khz (I think...). Better for "notier" playing, but for doomy chugs, and big thick power chords w/ stacked 5th's I prefer the bigger low end of the orginial BO's. Plus they have a more subdued midrange. Not scooped like an EMG, but not with any pronounced boost.
    I hear you on the two amp set up and the analog MIDI set up. Were you referring to the Brunetti amps? Apparently they do that. Im still really into the DAR Forza, Diezel VH4 and even the Fortin Meat Head and HK triamp MKII (but not as much). I like having a complete palette to work with. If i went with two heads, i was thinking something like a Bogner Twin Jet which is a crunch and high gain channel and using my Vox for cleans. But then you run into the problem of just having too much shit lying around to carry.

    Thats when the Axe comes in i suppose. Its funny i wonder how many of the Axe owners on the forum are touring or professional musicians. It seems like alot of them are bedroom shredders etc...thats cool though, we have some talent people on this forum and they sound great recorded, just wondering how in love they would be with the Axe if they were touring, yknow?
    ive also never been convinced about the Axe as a end game scenario. TBH i really dont like the tone of AAL or Periphery at all sounds super sterile, great guys and monster players, much respect there, just never liked or bought into the Axe hype.

    I think there is an amazing "accident" you can achieve by mixing the right stuff together that you simply will never achieve with digital stuff. Saying all this, im still a huge digital fan...but i will never buy in 100%, blending and mixing is the way for me.
    I know most guys like effects loop everything, im still a front of the amp kinda guy. I know things could be done more efficiently but for whatever its worth ive been enjoying the sound i get working that way. i wouldnt worry too much about signal loss, there are ways around it if you want.
    yknow the funny thing about true bypass is that its lose lose. If you have true bypass its like having one insanely long cable which is still going to have signal loss, and if you dont have true by pass you are going to have signal loss. SO what i do is put a boost at the end, or one of those simple pedals that will bring back up the signal loss. I use an MXR Micro amp to achieve this as it doesnt really color the sound at all its simply just a gain boost or an extra volume knob.

    The trails thing is a pain in the ass. For the longest time i was NOT a big fan of EHX because i just didnt like how large and cumbersome and sometimes flat out shitty their pedals were, i cant tell you how many Big Muffs i was bitched at to try out. I hate them...there i said it. The memory Toy pedal is super simple and yes it doesnt trail BUT i have a pedal that does and i have one that doesnt. Now i have options.
    the analog one has, in order: Blackstar HT dual, FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz, Space Echo, Memory Toy (with vibrato), reverb (ive gone through three or four recently, RV-5, Holy Grails currently its a verbzilla), MXR Phase 100, Im adding a Memory Boy and an MXR Micro Amp at the end of the chain as well for some extra fun. Never got into Wahs but im considering one just to have in case that mood comes along. that shit weighs a ton already though.

    i find that using a few pedals you really trust and know how to manipulate is better than getting a bunch of one trick ponies. I have a whole shelf of one trick ponies at home, but yet i still come back to the basics (for me at least). i know how to make weird, ambient, BIG, aggressive...whatever. i know how to achieve that with my set up.
    I'd definitely recommend the Painkiller for that application. Super tight, super defined, amazing responsiveness and power. Way more organic than an active. PM me or shoot me an email for more info :)
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    Metal film are lower tolerance resistors meaning they will be closer to the resistance they're rated at than carbon film. They are also quieter in most audio applications. GO METAL FILM!
    I have an electric jigsaw. You have to cut it slowly or you can risk cracking it in random directions! I found this out the hard way, but the lexan I bought wasn't really thick.

    PICS once you're done!! :D
    Home Depot. They have them there, but you won't find it online.

    There are two blocks that are nailed to the front panel. You'll have to remove them and mount them back on the grill. Then you can use the screws on both sides. Hope this helps!
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