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  • The construction is fantastic, comparable to far more expensive brands. My other van is a ness trad 4x12 and while the whitebox doesn't push as much air and has a bit less overall presence, it is still more than loud enough, and sounds great
    I could add you however it wouldn't be to be play BF3 as I bought it on PC. :( Part of the reason FPS stuff like this is better on PC is that we have dedicated hosting so at least it's not reliant on XBL. :)
    Haha thanks dude. My friends a major Opeth fan boy and says he just plays the clean mostly. When I plugged the Tight Metal into it he said he's gonna have to get one and stop playing the clean channel so much :lol:
    Hey, sorry for the really slow reply. I would most certainly go with the 5150-II as well. The E530 is decent, but the 5150-II is a 'real' rig, IMO. The E530 suffers from the same lack of tonal depth that 90% of all rack pre's do. In the realm of rack pre's, it's pretty nice; open that up to all amps, and it's just mediocre. Plus, the M13 is pretty badass. I suspect the G-System is capable of everything the M13 is, but would probably take more work to get there, at least for some of the really crazy effects.

    Hope you liked the TITAN clips (& the comparison Rackto clips). I've got a pending trade on the TITAN now for a rackmount MKIV (I've got a thing for rack heads :rolleyes:)
    Upsides: awesome. awesome. awesome.

    Downsides: the spring in the on switch for one of the monitors is broken, so I have to send it back to get it fixed which I understand I have to pay for :ugh:

    I'll let you know how it goes :yesway:
    yeah it has, I'm using the Dual Rect setting now at band practise/gigs. The Engl sounds great at low volume but when we pushed it in the studio it sounded a bit harsh. Getting a really awesome mid gain chug/djent with plenty of dual rect bottom end 'woooompfh' haha. I'll post audio clips once we have it all back from Mastering :)
    The 5150 is awesome man, thanks! The hd couldn't gel with my mark iii, and I am not much on effects. Pplus I had been lusting after a 5150 for a while.
    Haha I'm sure i get an email somewhere, just not to my email address lol. Glad to see you are alive and have entered the real life world of phone owners
    About that Addictive Drums question...If I didn't answer that one allready. I just made new "track" on the FL Studio and drag some kick drum sample on it and laid the kick drum track's on it/clicked those on places as you please. Then I disabled the AD's own or just didn't click any kick drum thingies in piano roll. Hope this helps!
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