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    WTB Ibanez Lo Pro Edge 7 Tremolo

    I’m looking for an Ibanez Lo Pro Edge 7 string tremolo, anyone have one for sale message me.
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    Custom Ibanez RG7, I need help with planning specs etc.

    I can choose any wood but I don't prefer basswood, it's either mahogany or alder for the body.
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    Custom Ibanez RG7, I need help with planning specs etc.

    I'm getting a custom Ibanez RG7 built by Memphis Guitar Spa and I need some help planning out everything, I'm pretty much getting a Dino Custom made. RG body: alder vs mahogany Reverse headstock maple neck: one piece vs scarf joint, which is better? + rosewood vs ebony White binding...
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    Refinishing RG7620 Cosmo Edge Tremolo

    Yeah I was planning on getting it powder coated black, I still haven't decided what I want to do with the neck and body, I'm probably just going to fill in the tone knob hole on the body then get the whole guitar sprayed gloss black.
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    Refinishing RG7620 Cosmo Edge Tremolo

    I'm refinishing this pitted aged looking tremolo, any ideas on what's the best way to strip off the finish? I'm most likely getting it powder coated black along with the tuner pegs for the headstock.
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    2011 Ibanez RGA8 w/BKP Aftermath Set

    Oh I would probably put EMG's in there anyways, I wonder if he would let me come try the guitar out.
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    2011 Ibanez RGA8 w/BKP Aftermath Set

    I'm in Chicago and I'm about to buy a Ibanez RGA8 but that price is kind of high for a used guitar.
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    Post pictures of your ibanez rg7's with no inlays

    these guitars look so much better without ugly inlays ruining the neck, post up your pictures!
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    honestly i would rather have this then the edge III bridge, this thing looks amazing and looks just like my favorite tremolo the lo pro edge 7. edit: i don't like how the head bolts or whatever are fitted for a flat head, i would of made them fitted for a allen head, flat headed tops seems...
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    resurrection of a dead thread but where can i find this tremolo!? it's like a lo pro fixed 8 string bridge!
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    Post your ebony black stained rg7's!

    i'm planning on starting a rg7620 project and right now i want to make a replica of the meshuggah m8m in a 7 string version and stain the body/neck/headstock all black, post pictures if you have done this!
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    RG7420 Refinish of Doom! Some big pics

    i want more pictures!!! i love what you did with the horns, i'm doing that on my rg7620 project as soon as i get a body!!!
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    I need some help here picking out a 27" scale guitar.

    I'm seriously going crazy without a guitar and I need one a.s.a.p. I have my buddies RG7620 over right now because I'm about to refinish the abused neck for him and It's just reminder for me that I do not miss the 25.5" scale neck at all. I can't find a reasonable price for a baritone 7 string...