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Mar 25, 2015
Nov 5, 2007
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May 15, 1990 (Age: 29)
Walls, Mississippi
Doin what i can, with what i got.

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PNAO / RHLC ©, 29, from Walls, Mississippi

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Mar 25, 2015
    1. MaxOfMetal
      Hey man, I'm over in Andersonville, about 20 minutes uptown from Downtown. Where you at?
    2. Rick
      Are you on Facebook? Add me. Rick Windsor
    3. liamliam666
      i was going to post more pics when shes is finished n lookin perdy :D
    4. liamliam666
      awesome man! you better remeber to send me a birhtday message then:fawk:

      yeh pups came the other week, jaden has ordered me my trem unit from ibanez. waiting on hipshot now tho, got an e-mail saying the order is ready for delivery but my card wont process, so im waiting for a reply off them to probs make a new order.
    5. CrushingAnvil
      Mechanize, Mechanize....? sounds familiar. I have windows live - I'm so usual! :lol:
    6. CrushingAnvil
      Suckage man, that ain't rad. Still have that 7620? It looks cool with the EMG's suprisingly!
    7. CrushingAnvil
      Hey bro, I don't see you posting much. Hows it going?
    8. liamliam666
      yo man, it cost about £750 for the body and neck then an extra 375 for the paint work. its quite alot but when ive been paying for it for over a year its not that much really. as for shipping youll have to talk t him. yeah its a quality instrument dude, pics dont do it justice, looks LOADS better in person :)
    9. Sebastian
      Where are the covers man ?
      one a week at least

      Chop Chop ! :fawk:
    10. Sebastian
      Yes it is :)
    11. Sebastian
      Hows the recording goin' man ?
    12. CooleyJr
      I don't want to record a video explaining how to do it because I kinda hate my voice recorded.. but I'll just tell you how right here.

      Start menu
      All Programs
      Volume Control

      Once you're there you wanna go to options, and select properties.
      From there, click on recording.
      There should be an option where it says "stereo mix". If it's unchecked.. then check it and press ok. Select it after you press ok and get the levels to what they should be at.. pretty even with the music. Possibly the guitar a little bit louder than the music. Then just take whatever video capturing/webcam software you have, play the song and jam to it!

      Hope that helps man.
    13. caughtinamosh
      It's still in progress. It should look something like this when finished. :D

    14. SnowfaLL
      stripped, filled it with a wooden block/wood filler, hours of sanding til it was unnoticeable smooth, and refinish over top. (it was my 2nd pup fill, did one on a 6 string project too which didnt turn out as good)
    15. Wi77iam
      Hey man, my RG7 is in pieces at the moment, refinishing it again, with a slight more green this time, and also routed my emg's deeper as they sat too high up and couldn't get low action. I'll have pics in a week or two.
    16. Rick
      Sorry, dude, no clue.
    17. Rick
      Nothing yet from Dino.
    18. Rick
      The pics on the thread are the only ones I have so far. As for the specs, they're the same as a regular Interceptor Pro 27. I changed the number of pickups (1), one volume knob, color and binding. That's it.
    19. Rick
    20. WhitechapelCS
      Hahaha, were you kidding?
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    May 15, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Walls, Mississippi
    Doin what i can, with what i got.
    Real Name:
    Dino Cazares and Brian Head Welch where my influence

    My interests are playing 7 strings of course but in the future i want to learn how to customize my 7
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