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    Guitar prices are out of control

    Don’t forget about the blues lawyers driving the market (mostly PRS). And now with these new Gibson sigs (Mustaine, Cantrell, Jones, etc.), it would appear there is a new beast on the scene- Gen X lawyers.
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    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    Jackson Kelly? You need something explorer shaped. Otherwise, I'd go with an EGC. I just got one. It's incredible, no Floyd, but it's the thinnest neck ever and you can def shred on it.
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    NGD: blocks and binding edition

    Fugg yeah bro. Congrats.
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    Mustaine left Dean and went to Gibson/Epiphone/Kramer

    What happened with Jackson?
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    Mustaine left Dean and went to Gibson/Epiphone/Kramer

    Sick guitar, shit promo. It says a lot to me that they have a cg Vic playing the guitar instead of a real demo. Those grain filler pics in the posts above are totally unacceptable for a $1,000 guitar, let alone $2,800. Also the binding is f'd at that price. And just me personally on A Gibson...
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    Anybody heard of RRR guitars?

    I have a build pending with him currently. I think he's starting it end of summer, I will hopefully get it by end of year. I've been in the queue for a little over a year, but look at the guy's work! Definitely worth the wait.
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    NGD: Squier Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR

    Damn thats an impressive Squier. HNGD!
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    NGD- Insert Metal Guitar Pun Here

    Thanks, man, I'm loving it. It's kind of ruining all of my other guitars for me because with the neck so thin, everything else feels like a fencepost! I think in the future, I might shoot for an acrylic Series 2. It'll be a ways off, because after my next guitar, my wife has me sworn off for...
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Ha, yeah, I think I’ve posted my golden axe some point as well
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Another special one. 2013 SG standard. These were odd ducks because for 2013, Gibson didn’t produce a ‘61 reissue. What they DID do, was spec the standard to the ‘61 reissue, pups and all. Only difference is the headstock was smaller (normal SG standard size) What makes this even more special...
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    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Here’s a couple of fun ones
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    NGD- Insert Metal Guitar Pun Here

    EGC Standard/Maybe King Buzzo. So I got it. Its pretty rad. Shiny, heavy, and the thinnest neck ever. Maybe not quite as thin as my RG570, but its just about there. And not as narrow. Unplugged, its very resonant. Plugged in, the pups sound great, like my 1980 LPC. A smidge bright. It came...
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    Aluminum Necks?

    So I was hoping for a ngd, but fedex sucks a fat one. As a cocktease, here is my guitar on EGC’s insta
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    The Gibson "Explorerbird" Lzzy Hale signature

    Wait… so the only difference is the headtsock?
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    I'm typically an ebony guy, but also a sucker for greens. That maple board is off the chain with that flamey, green goodness. HNGD and shred that fucker well