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Thumprentice, from Sweden

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May 6, 2013
    1. noUser01
      ... Why are you posting a message on your own profile? And for the record, Ola isn't a djent player in the slightest, so calling people butthurt little djent kids because they have a different opinion on a player who doesn't even play djent music is just ignorant and trolling.
    2. Dehumanized
      Butthurt little djent kids :)
    3. yellowv
      Pretty sure you got that backwards. Ever heard of the phrase if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all? There was no reason to start a thread about a guitarist you don't like. There are plenty of guitarist I don't like and I'm sure the rest of the forum has guitarists they don't like as well. Maybe we should start like 100 threads a day about guitarists we don't like. To be honest I agree with you about Ola. Just don't think there was any reason for the thread. Just so you know I have about 15 years on you. So don't tell me to grow up.
    4. MassNecrophagia
      Are you really so immature that you're going to go back through my old posts and neg rep me? It's funny how you complain about people acting childish when you can barely control yourself.
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    Fuck you die
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    Ibanez S2170 Prestige
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    Yamaha HS80M
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    Toneport UX2
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    Cubase 5
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    "yo mama" as a dickhead on this forum would express his lack of IQ

    Music, Photo&Video, Philosophy, Psychology, Biology, Technology and Science/Pseudo Science
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