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  • When I was all over my VH100 being the SHIT, I'd've said it was a better amp due to its sheer gain with the boost engaged and dealt with the noise.

    As they both now sorta ride the pine and aren't my primary amps, I am more objective about their tone and I fiddle more with their knobs to gain greater prespective on the tones in the amp(s).

    As I have the TT50C, the tones from the combo's stock speaker are a little thin due to it being a Celestion Classic Lead 80, so if you go that route, put that bad boy or EQ based on your speaker cabs and just deal with the tones of the combo as you use it as your monitor.

    I actually have grown to like my TT50C a little more than my VH100 (I know!).

    The 3 channels are handy, #1 one is set for crazy clean, #2 is typically set to be gainy but w/o the modern switch, and the #3 is modern & gain swith engaged. With volume 1 & 2 you get the solo bump of a great tone.

    For sheer gain, the VH100 with boost engaged and both gain knobs dime has a bit more gain, but is really noisy where the max gain on the TT50 isn't nearly as noisy.

    I think that for modern tones the TT gives a little better tones/handles 7 & 8 strings better than the VH100. Now my VH100 is a good decade old, maybe newer ones have a different circuit in them?

    If I had to be w/o one of them, I'd let the VH100 go. I have 2 heads that get more work (Mesa Booke Road King II & Genz Benz El Diablo 100) and give as many or more tone options where I have only 1 other 1x12 combo than my TT50 that I'd use for smaller gigs (combo for monitor out to my cabs for projection).

    found the fucking thing dude. right after you left. it was on top of my china cabinet. no clue how or why it was up there...
    did you see Sunn O))) when they came through earlier this month in Atlanta?
    Alright, thanks for the info. I'll do a little more googling and I'll definitely keep them in mind when I've got the cash to spend on a cab.
    I did a quick google search for them and came across their facebook page. Their designs look a little crazier than I'd like aesthetically, but what's the word on how they sound and what price point they're available at?
    I like it A LOT! you can get lots of different tones/sounds with it - the ROAR/RUMBLE switch is really cool. I highly recommend it.
    thanks man :D (i'll rep you somewhere), and yes, the Death Metal is a Distortion Pedal, so i thought that all pedals (overdrives, distortion an similars) did't work with the VT
    srsly? one time I tried a Digitech Death Metal in the VT, worst tone I ever heard :lol: and i read somewhere that pedals work terribly with this amp
    but if you say so, i'll definetly give it a try, also, wich are your settings?
    I mostly use the ''Nu Metal'' amp (i think is a rectifier?) with gain at 2 o'clock
    trebble at 2, mids at 3, and bass between 12 and 1
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